On Friday 28 October 2022 BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 48 took place producing the following results:-

Pre-Show: A Commemorative Tribute to BASS with all wrestlers and BASS’ life partner, Doruk.

Match 1 – BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contender Scramble: Cadman Vs Sam Yannis Vs Levi Nixon Vs Gore Vs Slex Vs Maddog

This match was contested over a ten minute period under tornado rules, with combatants exchanging the title of interim No.1 Contender. Slex became the final interim No.1 Contender after stealing a pinfall then held on to be declared the new BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contender.

Winner: Slex via pinfall

Match 2 – BCW Women’s Championship:
Vixsin (c) Vs Caity Luxe

Caity Luxe entered this match as the only woman to defeat Vixsin in a singles match in recent times, albeit by breaking the rules. Luxe looked to repeat her success and capture gold working over Vixsin’s eye. However Vixsin fought through the pain and after almost choke bombing the referee, Vixsin nailed Luxe with two short arm lariats before a choke bomb on Luxe sealed the victory.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Women’s Champion Vixsin via pinfall

Match 3 – BCW Battle Express Championship:
Johnathan Preston (c) Vs Zhan Wen

In a rematch from BCW 47, Zhan Wen was out for revenge. Preston and Wen started with intensity hammering away at each other. In what was looking like another back and forth affair was ruined when Sean Preston snuck out to ringside. Sean bided his time out of sight of the referee and when he saw his moment he struck Zhan Wen to the face with white powder salt blinding him thus allowing Johnathan to obtain the pinfall and retain his championship.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Battle Express Champion Johnathan Preston via pinfall

Match 4 – Gabriel Wolfe Vs Tommy Hellfire

In a Grudge Match born out of the Battle Rumble, Wolfe declared that he was

going to make sure Hellfire never proposed again. The battle ensued but before long Wolfe could not restrain himself, low blowing Hellfire causing a blatant disqualification. After the bell, Wolfe continued the assault before control was restored.

Winner: Tommy Hellfire via disqualification

Match 5 – BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Mick Moretti (c) Vs PJ Black

Moretti entered this match knowing the streak PJ had been on in the Battle Kingdom. It was shot for shot and move for move before Moretti set up PJ for the pinfall victory in a moment to retain his BCW Heavyweight Championship.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Mick Moretti via pinfall

Aftermath: Slex interrupted Moretti’s celebration to declare he would be making the condition of their encounter at BCW 49. Tito Santana then interrupted and appeared on screen to announce that he would be the special guest commissioner for BCW 49 and had been empowered to make the stipulations of each match for this show before announcing Moretti v Slex as a 30 Minute Iron Man Match.

Match 6 – BCW Tag Team Championship:
The Natural Classics (c) Vs The Parea

This match started off as a war as the Parea took it to the Natural Classics all over the arena before the match officially started. In a competitive contest, the Parea were causing a wealth of problems for the champions until the Sexy Greek Boys came to ringside. The Sexy Greek Boys came out supporting their fellow compatriots only to discover it was unwanted. This gave Tome a chance to take advantage and roll up Eli Theseus for the pin.

Winners: … and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions the Natural Classics via pinfall

Aftermath: The Sexy Greek Boys approached The Parea to embrace before taking the beating of their lives at the hands of the Parea to the dismay of the crowd.

Match 7 – Sean Preston Vs Lucius Wulfe

Sean Preston jump started this match by kicking the ropes as Wulfe entered causing a nut shot. Thereafter taking control as Wulfe rallied against the odds. Just as Wulfe started to gain his own control, hoisting up Sean, Johnathan Preston snuck out to ringside grabbing the leg of Wulfe causing Sean to fall on his larger foe for the pin.

Winner: Sean Preston via pinfall

Match 8 – AAA Mega Championship:
El Hijo Del Vikingo (c) Vs Adam Brooks

For the first time outside of Mexico, Vikingo wrestled abroad defending the AAA Mega Championship. The match lived up to the hype as Vikingo soared through the Battle Kingdom with Brooks looking to contain him while soaring himself. This match had to be seen to be believed as Vikingo earned the victory with a 630 Senton.

Winner: …and STILL AAA Mega Champion El Hijo De Vikingo via pinfall


Thank you for all those who attended Friday night, please feel free to leave your feedback on what you liked and did not like about our show!

We will see you all on Friday 25 November 2022 for Battle Championship Wrestling 49 featuring Tito Santana.