BCW16 Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 16 is now in the history books producing the following results:-

1 – Round 1 BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Match: 
Savannah Summers def Niki Nitro via pinfall

In a hotly contested opening bout Savannah proved too much for Nitro pinning her after a stunner and advancing to the Quarter Finals.

2 – Round 1 BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Match: 
Vixsin def Izzy Shaw via pinfall

In her first singles match at BCW, the Hardcore Bitch decimated Izzy and took the victory after a massive Choke Bomb.

3 – Tomas Phulery Def Kaz Jordan via pinfall
The German Grappler continued exhibiting his unique wrestling style as he put away the high flying Kaz with a modified power bomb.

4 – Slade Mercer def Marcus Kool via pinfall
In a hard hitting affair the Hoologan attempted to straighten out the attitude of his old friend the Mercenary to no avail. Kool falling victim to a Slade Piledriver.

5 – Round 1 BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Match:
Arya Reign def Danielle Moinet (WWE’s Summer Rae) via count out

Moinet entered the BCW arena admiring the Australian culture and requesting an opportunity to kiss a member of the Battle Kingdom. Not a moment later Moinet declared that she would never kiss a bogan wanker. The bell was called as Reign stayed in the ring and Moinet travelled to the outside arguing with the crowd. The referee doing his job counted out an unexpected Moinet. Reign the winner could only watch Moinet attempt to steal the new title on display before Niki Nitro entered the ringside area and attempted to give herself a second opportunity in the tournament. A sling blade later by Reign took care of Nitro.

6 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Match
Syd Parker w/Erika Reid def Vance Adams via pinfall 

After months of complaint Adams finally met his maker as the Jurassic Punk reminded him who was Champion. Adams attempted to gain the upper hand with salt to the eyes but some blue mist from Erika proved an equaliser before Syd hit Adams with a modified curb stomp for the win.

Post-Match: MiCK MORETTI appeared on the screen again taunting Syd Parker and reminding him that his time will come soon. 

7 – Gabriel Wolfe w/Tome Filip and Indi Hartwell def JXT via pinfall 
After destroying the ankle of Dowie James last show, JXT was out for revenge against either Wolfe or Tome. A tag title opportunity at stake. Wolfe kick started the contest which appeared more like a handicap match. When the referee looked to be sending Tome and Indi away from ringside, Wolfe took advantage hitting JXT with a low blow and a roll up for the win. 

8 – Round 1 BCW Women’s Championship Match: Ivelisse Def Jessica Troy via pinfall
In what can only be described as an exhibition for women’s wrestling, La Sicaria was too much for her contemporary, Troy pinning her to advance to the Quarter Finals. 

9 – Six Pack Challenge Match: Nick Bury Def Mitch Waterman, Maddog, Cletus, Carlo Cannon and Big Cuz w/F.O.X. Via pinfall
In a bout where the winner earned an opportunity against an international talent later this year, the combatants went hell for leather throughout pulling out all the stops. In the end it was Bury rolling up his tag team partner Waterman for the victory. 

Post-Match: ROB VAN DAM appeared on screen to announce the EXTREME BATTLE TOUR on 31 August (Melbourne), 1 September (Adelaide), 7 September (Sydney) and 8 September (Melbourne). RVD declared that his return will be for the BCW Heavyweight Championship while Nick Bury would be facing this guy – as TAJIRI appeared on screen declaring his imminent arrival at BCW.

Post-Match: Carlo Cannon took the mic and demanded that BCW provide him with an opportunity and refused to leave the ring. ANGELICO then appeared and in what can be described as an entertaining exchange between ANGELICO and Cannon the match was set for Friday 29 June 2018 at BCW 17.