BCW17 Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 17 is in the history books producing a definitive BCW Heavyweight number one contender and new BCW Tag Team Champions as the BCW Women’s Championship Tournament now comes down to four!

1 – Alternate Round 1 BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Match: Taylah Rose def Queen Bianka via pinfall

Bianka was awaiting her opportunity as BCW Photographer turned wrestler Taylah Rose revealed herself as the mystery wrestler hitting a cross body for the victory. 

2 – BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match
Kellyanne def Taylah Rose via pinfall

With no time to rest Taylah Rose faced off against a new look Kellyanne. The now balck haired Leader of the Fiend Club was too much for Rose. Kellyanne ended the fairytale with a roaring elbow for the victory. 

3 – BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match
Indi Hartwell def Erika Reid via pinfall

In a match where the numbers were stacked against Erika, it was Indi with her foot on the ropes that gained the pinfall advancing to the Semi Finals.

4 – Tomas Phulery def Cletus via pinfall 

In an obscure encounter where a Phulery victory would be dedicated to Little Billy, Cletus was defeated after a modified Clockwork Orange Plex. 

After the match Phulery challenged Alan Payne to a wishing well match next show. Unexpectedly the suspended Alan Payne returned to BCW accepting the challenge.

5 – BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match:

5 – Vixsin Def Savannah Summers via pinfall

Savannah fough off the Hardcore Bitch as much as she could before succumbing to a choke bomb. 

6 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match:
Gabriel Wolfe/Tome Filip def 
Dowie James/JXT (c) via pinfall

After months of wreaking havoc on the Battle Kingdom, Wolfe and Tome finally teamed together where they shocked fans by stealing the Championships off The Lads. It was a back and forth battle where Wolfe and Tome rolled up the tights for the victory.

New BCW Tag Team Champions- Gabriel Wolfe and Tome Filip

ANNOUNCEMENT- Justin Credible, Shane Douglas and Sabu each announced that they will be a part of the Extreme Battle Tour along with Rob Van Dam and Tajiri.

7 – Nick Bury/Slade Mercer Drew With Mitch Waterman/Maddog

Earlier in the night Nick and Mitch were found arguing about who the better wrestler is before setting up a mix match tag team challenge. Prompted by Mitch, Nick found an unassuming Slade Mercer as his partner while Nick engaged Maddog. In a match of the unusual Nick and Mitch pinned each other while Maddog and Slade fought through to the back taking down the entrance ramp.

8 – BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Quarter Final Match:
Ivelisse def Arya Reign via pinfall

Ivelisse returned to BCW with fire as she took a part Arya Reign. Arya fought gallantly prior to a flipping power bomb by Ivelisse for the victory. 

9 – Angelico def Carlo Cannon via pinfall

In a match that featured everything from wrestling, dance contests and borderline stripping, the Angelic One found a way to victory defeating the fun loving Carlo even after the surprise return and interference of Sketch.

10 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Number One Contendership Match: Dowie James def Robbie Eagles and JXT via submission

For the second time in one night, Dowie and JXT performed to their optimum in a match that was supposed to be for Championship Gold. Enter Robbie Eagles who challenged the former BCW Tag Team Champions to put it all on the line. Without a thought Dowie James placed his and JXT’s No.1 Contendership on the line. In a highflying affair, it was an ironic finish as Eagles tapped out to the ‘Dowie Special.’