BCW18 Results

The historic BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 18 in Adelaide is now in the history books as the first ever BCW Women’s Champion was crowned!

1 – BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Semi Final Match:
Ivelisse def Vixsin via submission
In an intriguing battle the Lucha Undeground star evaded catastrophe by taking it to the Hardcore Bitch utilising her MMA background. After a guillotine choke attempt where Vixsin appeared all but out, Ivelisse choked Vixsin unconscious with a Rear Naked Choke.

2 – BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Semi Final Match:
Indi Hartwell def Kellyanne via pinfall

In an exciting affair Indi, with the assistance of newly crowned BCW Tag Team Champions, Tome and Wolfe nailed Kellyanne with a missile dropkick for the victory as Alan Payne looked on.

3 – Alan Payne def Andy Faust via pinfall
Alan remained in the ring and faced what he believed to be his prey in Faust. Unexpectedly for Alan, Faust gave him a challenge before succumbing to the larger man’s power.

4. Battle Of Adelaide:
Jesse Hendy def Dean Brady via pinfall

In an all Adelaide match, Brady used his size to better Hendy throughout. After taking a wealth of punishment, Hendy hit Old School followed by a top rope Centon for the three count.

5 – Triple Threat Match:
Angelico def Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman via double pinfall

Bury and Waterman entered this match up as a cohesive tag team competing for supremacy between each other. Add in the Ultimate Airdevil and you have fireworks. Move after move, with near fall after near fall saw Bury and Waterman attempt to backslide each other to victory before Angelico sweeped their legs and packaged them both up for the three count. After the match all three combatants embraced in a show of good sportsmanship.

6 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match:
The Kingdom [Gabriel Wolfe & Tome Filip] [c] def Gods and Monsters [Matt “Grimm” Basso & Big Brodie Marshall] via submission

In their first ever title defence The Kingdom faced the tallest of challenges. Nonetheless Wolfe and Tome systematically took apart Brodie’s leg throughout the match. With an assist from Indi Hartwell, Tome was able to hold off Grimm allowing Wolfe to submit Brodie with a constricting ankle lock.

7 – BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Final Match:
Indi Hartwell Def Ivelisse via pinfall

In the Finale of the 16-Woman Tournament to crown the first ever Women’s Champion, Indi and Ivelisse went toe to toe. When times got tough for Indi, Wolfe and Tome were there for the assist leading Ivelisse to be rolled up for the win.

Indi Hartwell becomes to FIRST EVER BCW Women’s Champion.

8 – Mick Moretti def Angelico via pinfall
In what was supposed to be a BCW Heavyweight Championship Match between Syd Parker and Moretti led to this. Prior to the match starting the Voodoo Witch Erika Reid appeared with the BCW Heavyweight Championship in hand with choice warnings for each competitor.

The match commenced with a technical exchange leading to a back and forth affair throughout. At the conclusion Moretti attempted to utilise his cane by throwing it at Angelico and dropping to the canvas. A confused referee and a pleading Angelico led to the cane being confiscated which was enough time for Moretti to produce a second pop-up cane and nail Angelico behind the referee’s back before gaining the victory.

After the match Moretti continued his attack on Angelico while laughing hysterically before being joined in attack by the BCW Tag Team Champions. This prompted Slick Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman to come in with the save for Angelico.

At show’s end Bury, Waterman and Angelico saluted to the crowd as Moretti and The Kingdom bailed to the back.