BCW19 Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 19 is now in the history books which featured an epic battle between former BCW Tag Team Champion DOWIE JAMES and BCW Heavyweight Champion SYD PARKER in Three Stages of Hell!

The results were as follows:

Match 1: BCW Women’s Championship Triple Threat
Indi Hartwell (c) def Vixsin & Kellyanne via pinfall
In a match between the newly crowned Champion and last months’ semi finalists it is no wonder that each lady was looking to find any advantage to achieve victory. After two roaring elbows by Kellyanne to Vixsin causing her to fall to the outside, ever the opportunist Indi Hartwell hit Kellyanne with her Impressive Hammerlock DDT for the pin.

ANNOUNCEMENT: At the end of the match, Miss Whole Dam Show – Katie Forbes appeared on screen to confirm that Indi will defend her Championship next month at Extreme Battle against an International Star!

Match 2: Cletus def Vance Adams via pinfall
In a dominant performance, Vance Adams did everything but gain the victory as Cletus found a way back in the winners’ column after an Oklahoma role.

AFTERMATH: In what was supposed to be a Bogan celebration, a twisted and disturbing Avary for reasons unknown appeared and whacked Cletus with a chair. Avary yelling hysterically pummelled, clawed, scratched and bit at Cletus while eventually Vance Adams stepped in to lead her away. The connection between Vance and Avary a mystery to the Battle Kingdom but a diabolical one nonetheless.

Match 3: Slade Mercer def Maddog via pinfall
In a match previewed last month, Slade and Maddog went hammer and tong in a hard hitting affair. The match was cut short after a pinning combination which saw Slade grab the ropes to keep the Crazy Canine floored. Out of view of the rope grab, the referee had no choice but to declare Slade Mercer the winner.

Match 4: Alan Payne def Tomas Phulery via pinfall
In one of the more obscure moments of BCW 19 Alan Payne returned to in ring competition in Melbourne facing what many people believed to be his doppleganger in the German Grappler Tomas Phulery. In gaining the victory Alan ripped off the mask of Phulery to uncover a mystery face still unknown. Before leaving the ring Alan turned his attention to Kellyanne and her unsuccessful endeavour to become BCW Women’s Champion, leading to a match being proposed for Extreme Battle between Kellyanne and Alan Payne.

Match 5: BCW Tag Team Championship
The Kingdom [Gabriel Wolfe & Tome Filip] (c) def Nick Bury/Mitch Waterman via pinfall
In a match brooding from last months’ run in between these two teams, as expected the action was high octane before the Bury and Waterman offence was cut down. Through some confusion amongst themselves, Bury and Waterman left an opening for ‘The Kingdom’ to nail the double team for the victory.

Match 6: BCW Heavyweigh Championship Three Stages of Hell
STAGE ONE: PINFALL – Syd Parker (c) def Dowie James
Stage One saw two combtants throw everything at each other to achieve the advantage. A curb stomp later and Syd found himself one fall to nil up against the Superhero.

STAGE TWO: SUBMISSION – Dowie James def Syd Parker (c)
Stage Two saw the leg of Syd Parker dismantled by Dowie. A one legged Reptile would soon fall victim to a Dowie special leg lock tapping to the excruciating pain.

STAGE THREE: Last Man Standing – Syd Parker (c) def Dowie James
Stage Three saw the Voodoo Witch Erika Reid spend most of the time absent from ringside as she mended her Syd Voodoo Doll which was broken at the leg by Dowie earlier in this contest. This fall had everything from mist, moonsaults from the ring over the guard rail, bending of guard rails to the culmination of a Stone Age Tomstomb by Syd on Dowie from the top rope threw a table. Many close calls, however the return of Erika with a mended Syd Voodoo Doll was enough for Syd to summon the strength to beat Dowie to the count of ten and take the deciding fall. Syd Parker is still your BCW Heavyweight Champion.

ANNOUNCEMENT: While celebrating in ring, Rob Van Dam appeared to remind Syd that it is now set – BCW Heavyweight Champion Syd Parker Vs Rob Van Dam with the gold on the line in a rematch of 2017’s Match of the Year at BCW 20: Extreme Battle Night One.