BCW15 Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 15 is now in the history books producing the following results:-

Match 1 – Round One BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Match
Erika Reid def Avary via pinfall
In a face off of the peculiar, after almost obtaining the win through an Octopus Stretch, Avary fell victim to a Bicycle Kick from Erika who now advances to the Quarter Finals.

Match 2 – Round One BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Match
Indi Hartwell w/Tome Filip and Gabriel Wolfe
def Tarlee via pinfall

The interstate Newcastle inspiration Tarlee gave her all against Indi before succumbing to a twisting DDT which saw Indi advance to the Quarter Finals

Live Interview: Vance Adams
Vance Adams was introduced to the Battle Kingdom only to complain about his blindness due to Syd Parker and proclaim that he is the uncrowned Champion. Adams called for Syd to relinquish his Championship before being ushered to the back by BCW Management

Match 3 – Round One BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Match:
FaceBrooke def Madison Eagles via Disqualification
In a technical affair which saw FaceBrooke kick out of everything Madison had to offer, culminated with carelessness from Madison who held onto her STF Submission beyond the five count and until the referees pulled her off causing the Disqualification. FaceBrooke now advances to the Quarter Finals.

Match 4 – Tomas Phulery Def Cody Swift via pinfall
In what can only be described as creepy viewing, the German Grappler Tomas Phulery was too much for the in shape Cody whom was pinned after a devastating modified suplex powerbomb combination.

Match 5 – Number One Contership 15-Person Battle Royal:
Dowie James & JXT (Co-Winners) def Nick Bury, Gabriel Wolfe, Tome Filip, Carlo Cannon, Maddog, Cletus, Big Cuz, F.O.X., Mitch Waterman, Kaz Jordan, Vixsin, Freddie Gold, Orlando Jordan
In an entertaining contest which saw hopping on chairs, tables and a valiant effort from Nick Bury led to a final showdown between BCW Tag Team Champions Dowie James and JXT. After some back and forth Dowie and JXT toppled over the top rope declaring the The Lads as Co-Winners and New Co-BCW Heavyweight No.1 Contenders.

Announcement- Rob Van Dam appears on screen to thank the BCW faithful for voting his match with Syd Parker – BCW 2017 Match of the Year before announcing that he will return to Australia later this year.

Match 6 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match
The Lads (Dowie James & JXT) [c] def Big Cuz & F.O.X. via pinfall
The New Co-BCW Heavyweight Number One Contenders Dowie and JXT fought a hard fought match against their larger opponents before hitting the Aurora Borealis for the pin.

Post-Match: Tome Filip and Gabriel Wolfe seconded by Indi Hartwell viciously attacked the Champions annihilating JXT with a belt and damaging Dowie’s leg with a chair encased top rope stomp. 

Match 7 – Round 1 BCW Women’s Championship Tournament Falls Count Anywhere Match:
Kellyanne Def Lisa Marie Varon (formerly WWE’s Victoria) via pinfall
In a hard fought battle which became a Falls Count Anywhere match as demanded by Varon saw two women lay into each with everything they had before the suspended Alan Payne appeared in the crowd chanting the mantra – “Kill! Kill! Kill!” This was enough of a distraction for Kellyanne to hit the roaring elbow on Varon for the victory. Kellyanne now advances to the Quarterfinals.

Announcement – Ivelisse and Summer Rae appear on the screen and each announce that they will be competing in the first round of the BCW Women’s Championship Tournament which continues on Friday 25 May 2018.

Match 8 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Steel Cage Match:
Syd Parker [c] w/Erika Reid def Slade Mercer via pinfall
In what was a brutal and bloody match with both Slade and Syd feeling the hard steel of the cage saw the Champion launch himself with a foot stomp from the top of the cage on to Slade for the victory.

Post-Match: During the celebration the lights dimmed as the Rapscallion Mick Moretti appeared on the screen clapping and taunting Syd with riddles and giggles.