LDU II Night Uno (BCW27) Results

BCW 27: LUCHA DOWNUNDERGROUND II NIGHT UNO in Melbourne took place last night producing the following results:-

Match 1: Best of Three Series
Gabriel Wolfe Vs Chavo Guerrero

In a contest where the first of three matches almost received a head start when Wolfe confronted Chavo the night prior at An Evening with the Latino Warrior this technical affair saw Chavo take the lead in the series 1-0 securing a pinfall victory after a frog splash.

Winner: Chavo Guerrero

Match 2: Fatal Four Way Women’s Championship
Kellyanne (c) w/Alan Vs Vixsin Vs Catrina Vs Mortar

This match was supposed to be a Triple Threat contest before The Preston Kindred appeared, Alan Payne disappeared and then the reveal and return of Mortar after almost two years took place. Mortar dominated the contest against her peers finishing Kellyanne with a choke slam for the three count.

Winner and NEW BCW Women’s Champion: Mortar

Match 3: Tables Match
Cletus Vs Vance Adams

The feud finally culminated between Cletus and Vance Adams. Two missed table breaks by Cletus before Referee Dave Morgan saw a third table break after Cletus nailed a top rope powerbomb destroyer through the table for the victory.

Winner: Cletus

Match 4: Singles
Famous B Vs DCT

DCT looked likely in this contest after using every trick of the trade in an attempt to gain the win by nefarious means. Famous B overcame all, eventually hitting an astonishing Swanton Bomb for the win.

Winner: Famous B

Match 5: BCW Tag Team Championship
Ken Shamrock (c) & Sketch (filling in for Carlo Cannon for one night only) Vs Drago & Aero Star

BCW Tag Team Champion Shamrock utilised his injured tag team partner’s plus one in Sketch in an intriguing contest against the former tag team champions in Drago and Aero Star. Shamrock eventually grabbed a hold of his smaller contemporaries and made Drago submit to the ankle lock to retain the Championships for him and Carlo.

Winner: Sketch Winner and Still BCW Tag Team Champion: Ken Shamrock

Match 6: Tag Team
The Preston Kindred Vs Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman

The Preston Kindred again competed against the team of Nick and Mitch whom were after revenge. It was not to be as The Kindred double teamed their way to victory. After the match Nick and Mitch appeared not to be on the same page before reminding themselves that they are one of the top teams in the country.

Winners: The Preston Kindred

Match 7: Singles
PJ Black Vs Dowie James

This anticipated high flying contest was exactly that, fast and methodical. Dr Black as he likes to be called finished the match with a win after nailing Super Dowie with the “Wellness Policy.”

Winner: PJ Black

Match 8: Hardcore Rules BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Maddog (c) Vs Mil Muertes w/Catrina

In a rematch from lasts years’ BCW 12 Lucha Downunderground Night Dos in Sydney, Maddog received his vindication as he defeated the great Mil Muertes in a match that went all over the arena.

Winner and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion: Maddog
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