PJ BLACK gets his chance against MORETTI

In our first official match announcement for BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 48 – in Main Event 1 – the reigning BCW HEAVYWEIGHT CHAMPION MICK MORETTI will defend his title against the Winner of the 2022 Battle Rumble and the new BCW Heavyweight No.1 Contender PJ BLACK!

At BCW 47 THE RAPSCALLION defended his gold for the first time since acquiring the same from Slex, against a Japanese Legend in TAKA Michinoku. It was a technical affair between two combatants with a will to win that saw legal shenanigans from both sides during this strong style contest.

At the same show, PJ BLACK surprised the Battle Kingdom as the International Superstar in the Battle Rumble. However, PJ BLACK did not only win the Battle Rumble, he defended his position as the new BCW Heavyweight No.1 Contender against Slex on the same night. In this battle it was much the same, as PJ BLACK was victorious against the Business.

Previously THE RAPSCALLION was referred to as the perennial No.1 Contender until wrestling the gold away from Slex. Though it should be noted that PJ BLACK has been unsuccessful in three attempts for the BCW Heavyweight Championship.

At BCW 12: Lucha DownUnderground Night Dos in Sydney, PJ fell short to Syd Parker in a match involving Slade Mercer. At BCW 28: Lucha DownUnderground Night Dos in Adelaide, after winning the second ever Aztec Battle, PJ fell short to Maddog in a match involving Mil Muertes. At BCW 29: Lucha DownUnderground Night Tres in Sydney, PJ again fell short to Maddog in a match involving Ken Shamrock.

What you should know is, that PJ BLACK has never had a one-on-one opportunity for the BCW Heavyweight Championship nor ever fought for the gold in the Battle Arena in Melbourne where he is in fact undefeated.

On Friday 28 October 2022 will MICK MORETTI continue his unique run defeating international superstars or will the THE DAREWOLF finally be crowned BCW Heavyweight Champion?

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