BCW43 – Results

Match 1 – Last Man Standing Match: Sketch Vs Carlo Cannon
The hatred between these two combatants was at a high as Sketch jumped Carlo during his entrance in an attempt to get the quick win. Carlo found his feet and together he and Sketch wrestled around the Battle Kingdom before Sketch became chair happy in the ring. Buried with chairs was Carlo, as Sketch whaled away with vicious shots keeping a crippled Carlo down for the ten count.
Winner: Sketch via Last Man Standing

Match 2 – BCW Battle Express Championship Match: Mitch Waterman (c) Vs Royce Chambers
An open challenge by the H2O Man was answered by the air bending Swag in Chambers. Waterman was taken to his limits by the high flying anomaly before putting him down for the three count after a 450 Splash.
Winner: …AND STILL BCW Battle Express Champion, Mitch Waterman via pinfall

Match 3 – Vixsin Vs Caity Luxe
The debuting Luxe proved herself to be the new thorn in Vixsin’s side, as the brash competitor taunted the Hardcore Bitch. In a match that look all but a formality for Vixsin, ended with Luxe spitting alcohol from her flask into the eyes of Vixsin without the referee noticing, before the roll up pin.
Winner: Caity Luxe via pinfall

Match 4 – Big Slam Match: Big Cuz Vs Zhan Wen
The rules of this match were simple, whichever man slams the other first is victorious. Cuz believing this was a walk in the park did not rely on the super strength of the Emperor of Pain, who on his third attempt picked up the 150kg Cuz and slammed him for the win.
Winner: Zhan Wen via Bodyslam

Match 5 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Match: Nick Bury (c) Vs Slex
Finally after months of anticipation The Business Slex made his debut against BCW Heavyweight Champion, Nick Bury. Bury started this contest frothing at the mouth upon sighting Slex. The match exploded with intensity from the get go with Bury going high risk throughout to try and end The Business. However Slex utilised his experience and wherewithal to retaliate and tie up Bury with his finisher ‘Closing the Business.’ The unexpected happened as Bury tapped out.
Winner: … AND NEW BCW Heavyweight Champion Slex via submission

Match 6 – Tome Filip/Cadman Vs Gore/Mystery Partner (Stevie Filip)
In a contest where Gore needed to find a partner to level the ledger, Stevie Filip appeared in his corner. In what looked like a shock to his Tome and Cadman, Stevie battled his brother and went at it before Gore took over. In a time of need Gore reached out to his brand new tag team partner only for Stevie to drop down and refuse the tag setting up the pinfall victory for his brother Tome Filip and Cadman. The aftermath saw Tome, Stevie and Cadman unite as they beat down Gore in celebration.
Winners: Tome Filip & Cadman via pinfall

Match 7 – BCW Heavyweight No.1 Contendership Match:Gabriel Wolfe w/Enyo Crows Vs Adam Brooks
The return of Adam Brooks against the perennial main eventer in Gabriel Wolfe was an intriguing contest, especially with Enyo Crows by Wolfe’s side. An even affair followed with near falls, before the action spilled outside where Brooks got the upper hand on Wolfe only to be distracted by an onscreen interruption by the Rapscallion Mick Moretti. While Wolfe was back in the ring the count continued and the interruption lead to Brooks being nailed again by Wolfe to stay outside. Brooks was unable to answer the ten count.
Winner: Gabriel Wolfe via count out

Match 8 – BCW Tag Team Championship Hardcore Rules Match:The Preston Kindred (c) Vs Maddog/Cletus
The Champions entered through the crowd for this one to the sound of Killswitch with beers in hand as they made a mockery of all that is Hardcore, before the sound of the Crazy Canine blared through the speakers and the Barking Bogans made their way to the ring. This match had everything from tables, chairs and barb wire boards. The end result saw the specialists in Maddog Mathematics decimate the longest reigning BCW Tag Team Champions as Cletus pinned Johnathan for the three.
Winners: … AND NEW BCW Tag Team Champions, Maddog & Cletus via pinfall