BCW9 Results

On Friday 27 October 2017 BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 9 emanated from the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre where the following took place:-

Match 1: Round 1 BCW Tag Team Championship Tournament Match:
Dowie James/JXT def NZXT

In a fast paced affair with back and forth action the veteran duo of Dowie and JXT were successful after pinning their contemporaries with a double team power bomb neck breaker.

Match 2: Round 1 BCW Tag Team Championship Tournament Match:
Nick Bury/Mitch Waterman def Big Cuz/F.O.X. w/Freddie Gold

In what was shaping up to be a foregone conclusion for Freddie’s Henchmen, the BCW faithful were shocked as a Big Cuz jacknife turned into a creative sunset flip by Bury for the three count.

Match 3: Kellyanne w/Alan Payne def Tarlee

Following the mantra of Alan Payne “Kill! Kill! Kill!” Kellyanne continued on her winning ways as she put away a gallant Tarlee after a vicious roaring elbow.

Match 4: Round 1 BCW Tag Team Championship Tournament Match:
Carlo Cannon/Sketch Vs Generation Zero
The Perth Imports, Morleone and Zenith gave the local odd couple Carlo and Sketch all they could handle before a creative offense by high energy Carlo and Sketch saw Carlo gain the submission victory for his team.

Match 5: Round 1 BCW Tag Team Championship Tournament Match (No DQ):
Caveman Ugg/Syd Parker w/Erika Reid def Maddog/Cletus

In what became an impromptu no disqualification match courtesy of Maddog, tables were broken and bodies were battered as Ugg and the Jurassic Punk found a way to pin their opponents after a prehistoric double team.

ANNOUNCEMENT: While in the ring Maddog looked at the Battle Screen to see none other than Super Genie and Sabu who was announced as his opponent for BCW 10 on 1 December 2017.

Match 6: BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Preston def Slade Mercer (c)

In a match between the undisputed number one contender and the champion, Preston played mind games with Slade early before the action poured all over the ring. After a timid and cowardly move by Preston, Mercer was disqualified. An infuriated Slade Mercer exploded beating Preston around the arena before the BCW referees stopped the action.

Match 7: Emanuele def Kaz Jordan
The return of Emanuele to singles action against the debuting Kaz was fast and furious before the suave Emanuele pinned his smaller opponent.

Match 8: Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner def Alan Payne w/Kellyanne
After hooking up the fans, Steiner and Payne engaged. With the assistance of Kellyanne, Alan obtained the initial upper hand. However the peaks of the Genetic Freak were too much for Alan who at match’s end succumbed to the Steiner Recliner.