Our third official Quarter Final Match for THE BEST IN BATTLE TOURNAMENT at BCW 58: BEST IN BATTLE OPENING ROUND features a rematch eight years in the making as WWE Cruiserweight Classic Participant takes on another WWE Cruiserweight Classic Participant with THE WORLD BEATER DAMIAN SLATER versus THE JAPANESE BUZZSAW TAJIRI!
In their first encounter DAMIAN SLATER fell short against TAJIRI, however since that time SLATER has been defeating the WORLD while TAJIRI has continued to ply his trade in Japan for the most part in addition to his ventures into the Battle Kingdom.
At BCW 54 DAMIAN SLATER fought for the BCW Heavyweight Championship and had the opportunity achieve this title with the legendary KENTA KOBASHI at ringside. While at BCW 22: Extreme Battle Night 3 in Sydney TAJIRI fought for the same prize against Rob Van Dam.
Both combatants are now a part of THE BEST IN BATTLE TOURNAMENT and at least one of them will advance to the Semi Finals the next night!
Will DAMIAN SLATER finally make his mark and be crowned THE BEST IN BATTLE or will TAJIRI gain victory once again and come one step close to becoming THE BEST IN BATTLE?
Book your tickets now to find out live at the South Eastern Entertainment Centre at 6/1845 Ferntree Gully Road, Ferntree Gully:-
BCW 58: Best In Battle Opening Round:
BCW 59: Best In Battle Finals: