BCW12 Results – Lucha Downunderground Night Dos

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING entered Sydney for BCW 12: LUCHA DOWNUNDERGROUND NIGHT DOS where the excitement was at an optimum, producing a night to remember!

Match 1: Angelico def Gabriel Wolfe via pinfall
In what was a technical affair, Angelico proved too much for Wolfe pinning him and keeping his BCW record to 2-0.

Match 2: Team BCW (Syd Parker w/Erika Reid, Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman) def Team AWE (Psykotic, Vinnie Vain and Billy The Kid) via pinfall
In what was a fast and furious match, it was the experience of Team BCW that led to the victory.

Match 3: Ivelisse def Kellyanne via pinfall
In a rematch from Night Uno, Alan Payne unsuccessfully attempted to garner the attention of Ivelisse which led to him receiving a roaring elbow. This allowed enough time for Ivelisse to nail Kellyanne for the pin.

Match 4: Aztec Battle – Winner Syd Parker
This was a spectacle for Sydney fans, which saw Angelico, Gabriel Wolfe, Freddie Gold, TNT, Alan Payne, Erika Reid, Kellyanne, Ivelisse, Nick Bury, Syd Parker and Mitch Waterman battle for supremacy and a shot at BCW gold. It would be the Jurassic Punk Syd Parker pinning Angelico for the victory for the second time in one night.

Match 5: BCW Tag Team Championship:
Dowie James/JXT def Drago/Aero Star (c)

Another rematch from Night Uno, but this time with Drago and Aero Star as champions, saw a Lucha exhibition for the ages. All the stops were pulled and just as it looked like a successful title retention for Drago and Aero Star, Dowie and JXT incapacitated Aero Star and took out Drago with a Doomsday for the win.
Your NEW BCW Tag Team Champions Dowie James and JXT.

Match 6: Triple Threat BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Syd Parker def PJ Black and Slade Mercer

In a match which saw Syd Parker compete for the third time in one night, the thought of three consecutive victories seemed insurmountable. PJ was on point using his experience to down his opponents while Slade was his usual self which can only be described as Championship caliber. After knocking Slade out of the ring, Syd nailed PJ with a prehistoric DDT for the finish.
Your NEW BCW Heavyweight Champion Syd Parker.

Match 7: Hardcore Rules Match:
Mil Muertes def Maddog

In a match that featured everything but the kitchen sink, The Man of A Thousand Deaths was simply too much for the Crazy Canine putting Maddog down before celebrating in the crowd with the new BCW faithful of Sydney.