BCW11 Results – Lucha Downundergrond Night Uno

BCW 11: LUCHA DOWNUNDERGROUND NIGHT UNO is in the books and produced a range of results that shocked the Battle Kingdom.

Match 1: BCW Tag Team No.1 Contendership:
Maddog/Cletus def Carlo Cannon/Sketch via pinfall

In a tight fought affair the crazy canine Maddog and everyone’s favourite bogan Cletus prevailed after a double team piledriver over the odd couple of Carlo Cannon and Sketch.

Match 2: Kellyanne w/Alan def Ivelisse via pinfall
An injured Kellyanne entered the ring to face her toughest opponent in Ivelisse. After a cheap shot from Ivelisse, the match began and was a back and forth tussle. With Alan the usual distraction at ringside being the difference. A roaring elbow later and Kellyanne was victorious.

Match 3: Lucha Rules Trios Match:
Vance Adams/Nick Bury/Mitch Waterman def Freddie Gold/Big Cuz/F.O.X. via pinfall

In a fast and furious match it was the ultimate underdogs impressing with an awry of swift moves to get the upper hand on Freddie’s men. Stealing the pin Vance Adams made the cover for his team. Bury, Waterman and Adams now form Team BCW whom will face Team AWE at Night Dos.

Match 4: Angelico def Syd Parker w/Erika Reid via pinfall
In one of the most anticipated matches on the card with many near falls, including a kick out by Angelico after Syd’s Stone Age it was Angelico raising his hand in victory after his signature Syuri Knee.

Announcement: Juventud Guerrera will challenge for the BCW Heavyweight Championship at BCW 13 on Friday 23 February 2018.

Match 5: BCW Heavyweight No.1 Contendership:
PJ Black def Gabriel Wolfe via pinfall

In hard fought technical affair The Darewolf outlasted the devious Wolfe pinning him after a springboard moonsault. PJ Black now forms one third of the Triple Threat BCW Heavyweight Championship Match at Night Dos.

Match 6: BCW Tag Team Championship Lucha Rules Match:
Drago/Aero Star def Dowie James/JXT (c) via pinfall to become the NEW BCW Tag Team Champions.
In what was a hot affair from start to finish saw the unique Lucha tandem of Drago and Aero Star wrestle away the championships from Dowie and JXT after a Dragon Tail pin via Drago.

Vignette: Vance Adams brags to Bury and Waterman about gaining the pinfall victory and forming Team BCW. Vance runs into an upset Syd Parker whom mists him in the eyes causing temporary blindness.

NB: Syd Parker has now been announced as the third member of Team BCW replacing the now incapacitated Vance Adams.

Match 7: Fatal Four Way BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Slade Mercer (c) def Alan Payne, Preston and Mil Muertes via pinfall

In a display of brutality Mil Muertes showed BCW why he is the man of a thousand deaths. Destroying Preston with a spear through a table. Once out of the match, Payne was caught off guard and hit with the Slade Blade on Alan for the win.