BCW8 Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 8 is now in the books as the biggest event in our short history, producing the following results:

Match 1: Maddog def Cletus
In a match between familiar foes with an exhibition of skill the Crazy Canine finally pinned Everybody’s Favourite Bogan.

Match 2: Kellyanne w/Alan Payne def Katie Forbes
In a sultry affair the bombacious Forbes came up short after being distracted by Alan and his Mop-Alan before receiving a discus elbow from Kellyanne who followed the mantra “Kill! Kill! Kill!”

Match 3: Nick Bury/Mitch Waterman def Dowie James/JXT
A tag team affair which had everything saw two teams fly around until a sneaky roll up from the team of Bury/Waterman sealed the unexpected victory against the Super Team.

Announcement 1: During their celebration in the ring Bury and Waterman were interrupted by the onscreen announcement of the BCW Tag Team Championship Tournament commencing on Friday 27 October 2017.

Match 4: 15-Man Battle Rumble for BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contendership:
Preston def Alan Payne, Emanuelle, Maddog, Psycho Cowboy Benny Factor, Big Cuz, Vance Adams, Cletus, Campbell Crawford, F.O.X., Sketch, Michael Richards, Mason Daniel, Lochy Hendricks, Jake Navara

With a lot on the line, and many memorable moments the final four came down to Emanuele, Maddog, Preston and Alan Payne. After a double team elimination of Maddog by Preston and Emanuele, Alan clubbed Emanuele to his demise. On the apron Preston and Payne battled to the very end before a lapse in concentration saw Alan take a boot to the jaw declaring Preston the winner and No.1 Contender to the BCW Heavyweight Chanpionship.

Announcement 2: While mumbling to himself after re-entering the ring Alan Payne gazed into the crowd as the sound of sirens started. BIG POPPA PUMP SCOTT STEINER appeared and confirmed his intention to travel to Australia to beat somebody up. Payne Vs Steiner on Friday 27 October 2017.

Match 5: BCW Heavyweight Championship “Fans Bring The Weapons” Match: Slade Mercer (c) def Gabriel Wolfe
Exactly as advertised Fans brought the weapons with garbage cans, kendo sticks, dildos and light sabers. In a bloody affair the Mercenary hit a never to be forgotten Slade Blade on his arch nemesis Wolfe through a table for the three count and to retain his title.

Match 6: Orlando Jordan Open Challenge:
Orlando Jordan def Krackerjak

Orlando made the challenge and Krackerjak answered. After a verbal back and forth and some stiff exchanges Orlando utilised an unseen low blow and roll up for the victory.

Match 7: ECW Rules:
Rob Van Dam Def Syd Parker w/ Erika Reid

Walking to the ring with the familiar Pantera theme RVD let loose on the Jurassic Punk and the Jurassic Punk responded. Action in and out of the ring saw all the trademarks of both competitors. Syd now crowned as Syd “F’kn” Parker and RVD demonstrating why he is the Whole F’n Show climaxed with a Five Star Frogsplash on Erika Reid and Parker before a second Five Star Frogsplash on the Green Reptile to secure the pinfall victory.