BCW7 Results – BCW v Lands End

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 7 is now at a close and it was Team BCW standing tall over Team LAND’S END PRO WRESTLING!

In a night that will not be forgotten with dual announcers Bass (BCW) and Honda (Land’s End) the results were:

Match 1: Syd Parker w/Erika Reid (BCW) def Shinsuke Jet Wakataka (Land’s End)
In an explosive opener it was the Jurassic Punk who stood victorious after nailing Wakataka with the ‘Stone Age’ for the pinfall win.
Scorecard – BCW 1 Land’s End 0

Match 2: Ishikiri (Land’s End) def Gabriel Wolfe (BCW)
In what was an early clinic of chain wrestling turned into a bizarre event as Wolfe laid down and allowed Ishikiri to pin him for the three count. Wolfe proceeded to flip off the crowd and walk out on BCW as Ishikiri stood confused in the ring.
Scorecard – BCW 1 Land’s End 1

Promo: Orlando’s Public Address
Orlando has placed Australian Professional Wrestling on notice declaring that he is here to make a change and challenge anyone to step forward and stand up.

Match 3: Rikiya Fudo (Land’s End) def Maddog (BCW)
In an affair that literally caused the ring to implode with more knocks than a front door it was Fudo claiming Maddog’s head after a vicious clothesline.
Scorecard – BCW 1 Land’s End 2

Match 4: Dowie James/JXT (BCW) def Shiori Asahi/Ishikiri (Land’s End)
An evenly matched tag team event which had everything eventually saw the team of Dowie James and JXT victorious one retweet and pinfall later.
Scorecard – BCW 2 Land’s End 2

Match 5: Kellyanne w/Alan Payne def Avary
In a women’s special feature Kellyanne continued to listen to the mantra of Alan as she tore through Avary and pinned her for the victory.

Match 6: BCW Heayweight Championship:
Slade Mercer (c) (BCW) Vs Ryoji Sai ( Land’s End) – No Contest
In a hard hitting affair the viciois Sai showed why he is at the top of the food chain in Japan. However once Slade kicked into gear the match spilled out and turned into a No Contest when Team Land’s End attacked Slade in unison.
Scorecard – BCW 2 Land’s End 2

Aftermath: In rebuttal to the attack, Team BCW evened the playing field. Sai took to the mic to state that they had a sixth member of their team for the Survivor Series main, as Gabriel Wolfe appeared decked out in a Land’s End shirt. All hope was not lost as Slade Mercer introduced the sixth member of Team BCW, everybody’s favourite bogan Cletus.

Match 7: Team BCW (Slade Mercer, Syd Parker, Dowie James, Cletus, Maddog and JXT) def Team Land’s End (Ryoji Sai, Shiori Asahi, Shinsuke Jet Wakataka, Gabriel Wolfe, Rikiya Fudo and Ishikiri)
The intrigue of Australia Vs Japan took centre stage as bodies were flying everywhere-

Elimination 1 – Gabriel Wolfe def JXT via pinfall
6 on 5 – Advantage Team Land’s End

Elimination 2 – Dowie James def Ishikiri via pinfall
5 on 5

Double Elimination – Maddog and Rikiya Fudo
4 on 4

Elimination 5 – Shiori Asahi def Dowie James via pinfall
4 on 3 – Advantage Team Land’s End

Elimination 6 – Gabriel Wolfe def Cletus via submission
4 on 2 – Advantage Team Land’s End

Elimination 7 – Syd Parker def Gabriel Wolfe via pinfall
3 on 2 – Advantage Team Land’s End

Elimination 8 – Syd Parker Disqualified
3 on 1 – Advantage Team Land’s End

Elimination 9 – Slade Mercer def Shinsuke Jet Wakataka
2 on 1 – Advantage Team Land’s End

Elimination 10 – Slade Mercer Def Shiori Asahi
1 on 1

Final Elimination: Slade Mercer Def Ryoji Sai
Final Scorecard – BCW 3 Land’s End 2

NB: Quick thank you to the live rock band Drova for playing throughout the night.