Last night BCW 55 took place producing the following results:

Match 1 – 3-Way BCW Battle Express Championship No.1 Contendership:
Zhan Wen Vs Famous B Vs Maddog

In an action-packed sprint, these three combatants fought in all corners of the ring and from the top to the outside. Zhan Wen exhibited his strength when catching Maddog in mid-air, while Famous exhibited his agility flying over the top and Maddog exhibited being a Mad Dog as he piledrove his way to victory, giving himself a future opportunity to become the first ever BCW Triple Crown Champion.

Winner and new No.1 Contender for the BCW Battle Express Championship… MADDOG via pinfall

Match 2 – Lucius Wulfe Vs Gore

Two men of similar strength and power opposed each other like a Japanese Monster Movie ala King Kong Vs Godzilla. Powering each other around the ring, these two combatants left the Battle Kingdom fearing for what was to come. Wulfe was impressive until succumbing to a decapitating clothesline from Gore before the pin.

Winner: GORE via pinfall

Match 3 – Pick Your Poison Triple Threat Elimination BCW Women’s Championship:
Caity Luxe (c) Vs Tarlee Vs Vixsin

Fall 1 – Submission
Tarlee chose ‘Submission’ for the first fall, which proved to be an advantage. Vixsin and Tarlee fought themselves into a frenzy, allowing Luxe to escape the ring and entertain herself even taking a photograph using the photographers’ camera. When the time was right Luxe re-entered and together with Tarlee they caused Vixsin to pass out from a camel clutch / crab combination thus Vixsin was eliminated.

Fall 2 – Brass Knuckles on a Pole
Vixsin chose ‘Brass Knuckles on a Pole’ but was not around to participate in the fall. Tarlee successfully retrieved the brass knuckles, however it was Caity who found a way to gain control of the weapon to wipe out Tarlee for good and retain her title.

Winner … AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion CAITY LUXE via pinfall

Match 4 – Robbie Thorpe & This Guy Vs Cletus & Barry Lucky O’Leary

In what was supposed to be an exercise of delivering Thorpe and This Guy their comeuppance ended with Barry Lucky O’Leary swerving Cletus and joining his opponents. O’Leary assisted Thorpe and This Guy with an assault on Cletus before Dave Morgan was forced to count the three. A new trio is now born in the Battle Kingdom.

Winners: ROBBIE THORPE & THIS GUY via pinfall

Match 5 – Tome Filip Vs Slex

The Taiga spoke to the crowd to let them know of the cowardice of Ernest The Cat Miller. However, Miller appeared for a retort on screen declaring there can only be one cat in the Battle Kingdom and Filip is nothing but a little boy he will face very soon. Enter Slex, who then followed on from Miller and called Filip a pussy rather than a cat or a tiger.

The match ensued with a cheap shot by Filip as these two masters of their craft fought back and forth. Impressive action was then thwarted as Filip chose to grab the tights to seal the victory and three count. The Referee did not see.

Winner: TOME FILIP via pinfall

Match 6 – BCW Battle Express Championship:
Sean Preston (c) with Johnathan Preston Vs Gabriel Wolfe

Johnathan entered the ring to announce he was from here on end going to support his brother during his title reign.

Once the combatants entered the match, Wolfe stretched Sean with purpose begging Johnathan to throw in the towel for his brother. Undeterred Sean battled away and inside the ten-minute benchmark, he nailed Wolfe with an inverted cutter for the pin and title retention.

Winner … AND STILL BCW Battle Express Champion SEAN PRESTON

Match 7 – Jordie Sparkles Super Open Challenge … Again:
Jordie Sparkles Vs Slade Mercer

Jordie entered the Battle Kingdom full of energy as he announced he was taking it easy on Gore last show. Ready and raring to go Jordie called for his opponent. Enter Slade Mercer the first ever BCW Heavyweight Champion who has not been seen in the Battle Kingdom for over five years. Mercer toyed with the smaller Sparkles who was again out of his depth before Mercer hit a Slade Blade to secure the win.

Winner: SLADE MERCER via pinfall

Match 8 – BCW Tag Team Championship:
The Parea [Eli Theseus & Gabriel Aeros] (c) Vs The Sexy Greek Boys [Levi Nixon & Sam Yannis]

A match more than a year in the making saw two lots of Greeks from two different cities go hammer and tong to borrow a phrase from another sport. The Parea were dominate throughout, teaching The Sexy Greek Boys a lesson, as they isolated Yannis. Nixon eventually relieved Yannis like a house on fire before The Parea regained some semblance of control. It then happened, completely out of nowhere, Nixon rolled up the unsuspecting Theseus to pull off the biggest Hellenic victory since Greece won the European Championships in 2004.

Winners … AND NEW BCW Tag Team Champions THE SEXY GREEK BOYS via pinfall


Thank you for all those who attended BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 55 and we look forward to seeing you all in the New Year!

Please feel free to provide your feedback on the show and generally for the year.