BCW38 – Results

Match 1 – BCW Battle Express Championship March:
Cletus (c) Vs Juventud Guerrera
The newly crowned Champion, Cletus ran into a roadblock in The Juice. It was a fast and furious affair where Cletus missed the Shooting Star Bogan Press, allowing Juventud to hit the Juvi Driver in regulation time for the win and the gold.

Winner….AND NEW BCW Battle Express Champion Juventud Guerrera via pinfall

Match 2 – Singles
Vixsin Vs Aysha

In the third match of their trilogy Aysha did the unthinkable once again as she slayed the Hardcore Bitch with a backslide for the win. After the match the all attitude Vixsin attacked Aysha hitting her with a Chokebomb.

Winner: Aysha via pinfall

Match 3 – 16-Person Battle Royal
Winner receives BCW Heavyweight Championship shot at BCW 39
Runner-Up receives BCW Battle Express Championship shot at BCW 39

Nick Bury, Mitch Waterman, Mick Moretti, Syd Parker, Erika Reid, Freddie Gold, Big Cuz, Zhan Wen, Sketch, Carlo Cannon, Djaysonic, Vance Adams, Vinnie Vain, Jesse Hendy, Cody Swift, Kaz Jordan
In a match that saw two parts, it boiled down to Nick Bury, Mitch Waterman and Mick Moretti. Bury with a feat of strength toppled Moretti and when it looked like Mitch was going to take the victory Bury held on and eliminated his long time tag team partner.

Winner: Nick Bury Last Eliminating Mitch Waterman

Announcement: NWA Worlds Champion Nick Aldis appears on screen and announces that he is coming to Battle Championship Wrestling.

Match – 4. BCW Women’s Championship Open Challenge Match:
Mortar (c) Vs Erika Reid

Mortar entered the ring awaiting her prey in the Open Challenge. Erika Reid answered the call. However after a valiant effort including mist to the eyes of Mortar, the Champion speared her smaller foe for the win and retained her title.

Winner… AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion Mortar via pinfall

Match 5 – BCW Tag Team Championship:
The Preston Kindred (c) Vs Mexicools (Super Crazy & Psicosis)

The Kindred were paranoid about defending their straps against the wily duo of Super Crazy and Psicosis. The Mexicools in the midst of gaining the victory were cheated out of it as Sean assisted Johnathan reversing Psicosis into the pin. After the match The Preston Kindred attempted to escape until the newly crowned BCW Battle Express Champion Juventud forced the Kindred to retreat without their belts through the crowd. All three Mexicools then celebrated with the belts.

Winners:….AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Preston Kindred via pinfall

Match 6 – Steel Cage BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Maddog (c) Vs Gabriel Wolfe

Maddog’s 500+ day reign was at risk here as Gabriel Wolfe looked fit and ready to roll. The Crazy Canine however looked to overcome the diabolical Wolfe before the Super Fan that was sitting beside Bass the Announcer (the lady who got knocked over at BCW 36 causing a No Contest) rose from her seat turning on Maddog and slamming the cage door on him rendering the Dog unconscious. Wolfe then tumbled out of the cage to become the new BCW Heavyweight Champion. After the match the duo of Wolfe and the Mystery Fan Lady revealed that the dictatorship was about to begin. At this moment former Ring Of Honor World Champion Dalton Castle appeared on screen to challenge Wolfe for the title in April.

Winner…AND NEW BCW Heavyweight Champion Gabriel Wolfe via escaping the cage