BCW36 (Melbourne) – Match Announcement 7

Our next match announcement for BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 36 is a Grudge Match between CARLO CANNON and SKETCH!

Since the inception of BATTLE CHAMPIONSIHP WRESTLING the team of CARLO and SKETCH have been together however at different times been injured which has led to each of them teaming with the World’s Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock. In CARLO’s case he became the longest reigning BCW Tag Team Champion alongside Shamrock.

After the ascension of current BCW Tag Team Champions, The Preston Kindred, the team of CARLO and SKETCH re-united and it appeared that they were going to pick up where they left off. This was not to be as they suffered two consecutive defeats as a team.

The frustration all appeared to be with CARLO CANNON, though it was THE COLT OF COLAC who shocked the Battle Kingdom turning on his long-time tag partner with a low blow to the family jewels.

Revenge is now on the mind of CARLO CANNON while SKETCH is looking to extinguish his former friend.

On Friday 24 January 2020 will CARLO CANNON make SKETCH regret the day he used his mind on his own or will SKETCH breakout of the shadow of CARLO CANNON and make him suffer in defeat?

Book your tickets now to find out live at the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre at 298-336 Burwood Hwy, East Burwood: