BCW31 Results

Last night BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 31 emanated from the Max Watt’s Centre in Sydney producing the following results:-

Match 1: BCW Quarter Final Battle Express Championship 
Cody Swift Vs Sean Preston
Cody faced Sean as the underdog in what appeared to be a mismatch before overcoming the odds for the win. After the match DCT, fresh from the bye attacked Cody claiming the Semi Final will be a walkover.

Winner: Cody Swift via pinfall

Match 2: Quarter Final Battle Express Championship
Johnathan Preston Vs Vinnie Vain 
In a match of two heels, Vain did not have enough to contend with Preston as he was decapitated with a big boot. 

Winner: Johnathan Preston via pinfall

Match 3: Quarter Final Battle Express Championship
Gabriel Wolfe Vs Bee Boy
The diabolical Gabriel Wolfe has this match well in control for the duration before the fan favourite Bee Boy survived a ten count making it to the ring as Wolfe was counted out. 

Winner: BeeBoy via Count Out 

Match 4: Semi Final Battle Express Championship 
Cody Swift Vs DCT
A beaten down Cody Swift made his way to the ring to face a fresh DCT whom appeared to have this Semi Final contest all but finished. Out of nowhere Cody managed to surprise Sydney with the win. However the victory was short lived as Cody was beaten down by DCT post-match. 

Winner: Cody Swift via pinfall

Match 5: Semi Final Battle Express Championship
Johnathan Preston Vs Bee Boy
The Tournament favourite, Preston continued to dominate his opponents, as Bee Boy was no exception. With sparks here and there throughout the match, Bee Boy eventually succumbed to a decapitating big boot. 

Winner: Johnathan Preston via pinfall

Match 6: Grand Final BCW Battle Express Championship 
Cody Swift Vs Johnathan Preston
Preston entered the ring pronouncing that he be awarded the BCW Battle Express Championship due to forfeit. The unexpected then happened as Cody entered the ring beaten and limping refusing to quit. The contest ensued which saw Preston once again dominate with constant assists from his brother Sean. With Preston down and Sean trying to protect him, Cody went high and hit the shooting star press on The Preston Kindred to claim the victory and become the first ever BCW Battle Express Champion.

Winner and the NEW BCW Battle Express Champion: Cody Swift via pinfall

Match 7: Womens Singles
Niki Nitro Vs Jasmin Vittora
Nitro entered this match not having found her first victory in the Battle Kingdom. Nailing Jasmin with the Nitroglycerin Stunner, Nitro is now able to say otherwise as her hand was raised for the win. After the match Nitro dismissed Jasmin as nothing more than a peasant from Aladdin before demanding better competition. 

Winner: Niki Nitro via pinfall 

Match 8: BCW Women’s Championship 
Mortar (c) Vs Taya Valkyrie 
This match began where the pair left off from the night before. Mortar attempted to crush Taya while Taya attempted to slay the beast. When Mortar looked to have the match won, John Morrison entered the ring and said it was not worth it for Taya before superkicking the monstrous Mortar causing the disqualification.

Winner and STILL BCW Women’s Champion: Mortar Visa Disqualification. 

AFTERMATH: At the conclusion of the Women’s Championship bout, Morrison declared that there is nobody dangerous enough to challenge him and Taya. This led to Ken and Carlo entering the ring before Morrison challenged the Champions for the titles. This then brought out Generation Zero whom said the match must include them and will be falls count anywhere. 

Match 9: Triple Threat Falls Count Anywhere BCW Tag Team Championship 
Ken Shamrock/Carlo Cannon (c) Vs Generation Zero Vs John Morrison/Taya Valkyrie 

In what became a match of the year candidate, these three teams caused absolute chaos. There were onstage suplexes, roller bins, energy drinks, kendo sticks and many near falls. A double pin confused the competitors before the Champions hit their finish – KenCan Rock You for the three count. 

Winners and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions: Ken Shamrock and Carlo Cannon.


We thank all those who attended BCW 31 and please feel free to provide your feedback. Our next events will be on Friday 30 August 2019 in Melbourne – BCW 32 and on Saturday 31 August 2019 in Sydney. Tickets to be released soon!