LDU II Night Tres (BCW29) – Results

Last night BCW 29: Lucha DownUnderground II Night Tres took place producing a variety of results to end the tour!

Match 1: 2 on 1 BCW Tag Team Championship
Ken Shamrock (c) Vs The Velocities

Ken once again defending the gold on behalf of himself and Carlo Cannon had his hands full with the highflying acrobatics of Jude The Dude London and Mat Diamond. The Velocities used their speed to isolate Ken’s groin however in the end Shamrock cleared the ring and locked in the ankle lock for the victory.

Winner and STILL BCW Tag Team Champion: Ken Shamrock (Carlo Cannon remains BCW Tag Team Champion)

Match 2: Gauntlet
Mil Muertes w/Catrina Vs Gatt

The presence of Mil Muertes was intimidating for all those in view, though Gatt gave his best knocking The Man of a Thousand Deaths off his feet. Though not for long as Muertes recovered and scored the pinfall after a spear.

Mil Muertes Vs Lucius Wulfe

Lucius charged to the ring kick starting the second match and utilised his own power and strength to take down Muertes. Though again not for long as Muertes recovered and nailed a flatliner for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Mil Muertes

Match 3: Singles
Famous B Vs Vinnie Vain

The host of the show Famous B dialed into this one against a nefarious Vinnie Vain who wanted all to know his worth. B undefeated in singles competition on Australian soil wanted nothing to change, as he in shirt, tie and slacks hit Vain with a super kick as Vain flew from above to score the victory.

Winner: Famous B

Match 4: AAA Latin American Championship Fatal Four Way Match:

Tornado rules with all combatants in the ring at once. Drago and Aero Star excited fans with their Lucha Libre as Bee Boy and Robbie Eagles excited with what they call Australian Lucha Libre. After many near finishes it was Drago with the Dragon Tail on Bee Boy for the pin to retain his Championship.

Winner and STILL AAA Latin American Champion: Drago

Match 5: BCW Women’s Five Pack Challenge
Mortar (c) Vs Vixsin Vs Catrina Vs Arya Reign Vs Steph De Lander

One fall to a finish and these five women gave it their all to find a way there. Steph exhibiting super strength when powerlifting Mortar. Vixsin showing no fear in the face of Mortar. While Catrina attempted a surprise submission on Mortar and Arya Reign bounced around Mortar like a butterfly. However Mortar was still too much as she chokeslammed Arya for the pinfall victory.

Winner and STILL BCW Women’s Champion: Mortar

Match 6: Best of Three Series
Chavo Guerrero Vs Gabriel Wolfe

With the stage set at 1-1 Chavo and Wolfe epitomised good versus evil. Chavo had a fan chop Wolfe while Wolfe got in the face of fans left and right. Three Amigos later and a tribute to Eddie Guerrero by way of a final frogsplash for the tour saw Chavo seal the victory and the series via pinfall.

Winner and Winner of the Best of Three Series: Chavo Guerrero

Match 7: BCW Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match

A scheduled contest between Maddog and PJ Black turned into a triple threat match when The World’s Most Dangerous Man Ken Shamrock invited himself into the contest. Ken demanded in and Famous B announced that BCW were forced to oblige. The match kicked off with an exhibition of skill including, moonsaults, ankle locks and a cannon ball by Maddog from the top rope to the outside. The contest spilled into the seating area but ended in the ring when Maddog pinned PJ with a surprise roll up.

Winner and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion: Maddog


Thank you to all whom attended and please feel free to provide your feedback!

Battle Championship Wrestling will be back to Melbourne on Friday 28 June for BCW 30 and to Sydney on Saturday 29 June for BCW 31 featuring the return of Ken Shamrock, the debuts of John Morrison and Taya Valkyrie and the 16-Man Battle Express Championship Tournament over two nights!