BCW36 Results

LAST NIGHT at BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 36 where Krackerjak served as Special Guest Ring Announcer the following results were produced:-

MATCH 1 – BCW Battle Express Championship Triple Threat Match:
Cody Swift (c) Vs Cletus Vs Mick Moretti

The over 200 day inaugural Battle Express Champion, Cody Swift entered this match with a great challenge ahead of him. A contest that was the epitome of “Crash and Burn” led to a climax where Moretti almost wrestled away the gold only for Cletus to hit the Shooting Star Press on Cody for the win while tossing Moretti out of the ring.
Winner: …and NEW BCW Battle Express Champion Cletus via pinfall

MATCH 2 – Singles
Sketch Vs Carlo Cannon

In a Grudge Match between former tag team partners, Sketch kick started the match with an attack on Carlo during his entrance. A new look Colt of Colac controlled the match from there utilising salt in the eyes of Carlo for the eventual pinfall victory.
Winner: Sketch via pinfall

MATCH 3 – Singles
Aysha Vs Vixsin

In a rematch from BCW 34 it appeared that Aysha would once again fall victim to Vixsin – until she did not. Aysha fought herself out of a choke bomb attempt before rolling up the Hardcore Bitch for a surprise win. After the match, Vixsin to the dismay of fans attacked Aysha with a choke bomb before walking out on the Battle Kingdom.
Winner: Aysha via pinfall

MATCH 4 – Singles
Big Cuz Vs Zhan Wen

In a match between two gargantuan members of the Battle Kingdom, it was Zhan Wen who impressed as he body slammed Cuz to the outside. Cuz never recovered as he rolled out of the ring and refused to re-enter the match getting himself counted out.
Winner: Zhan Wen via Count Out

MATCH 5 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match:
The Preston Kindred (c) Vs Nick Bury/Mitch Waterman

This match was a back and forth affair that started with a handicap as Bury was taken out before the bell with the Kindred’s ‘Closer to God’ finish. Notwithstanding Waterman kept his team in the match almost pulling off the victory. However the Kindred found a way to victory with a ‘Closer to God’ double team finish on Waterman for the pin.
Winners: …. and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Preston Kindred via pinfall

MATCH 6 – BCW Women’s Championship Match:
Mortar (c) Vs Steph De Lander

In a match where size was not a factor. SDL went toe to toe with the Polynesian Demon. Giving everything she had was not enough to defeat the undefeated Champion as Mortar Chokeslammed her way to victory.
Winner: … and STILL BCW Women’s Champion Mortar via pinfall

MATCH 7 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Maddog (c) Vs Gabriel Wolfe

The much anticipated match between the Crazy Canine and the Diabolical Wolfe had the fans in a frenzy of emotions. The match found itself outside the ring and over the guardrails and without control of the contest, the Referee called for a No Contest.
No Contest – Maddog retains the BCW Heavyweight Championship

MATCH 8 – Singles
Ultimo Dragon Vs Syd Parker w/Erika Reid

The Dragon and the Dinosaur brought fantasy to life as they wrestled back and forth before a raucous Battle Kingdom. Ageless in his ability to perform to his optimum, Ultimo Dragon took advantage after a failed mist attempt that took out Erika Reid and pinned the Jurassic Punk for the win.
Winner: Ultimo Dragon via pinfall

Post-Match Announcement: The Mexicools are coming to BCW 38 in Melbourne and BCW 39 in Sydney – Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy and Psicosis.

Thank you for all fans who attended BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 36, we look forward to receiving your feedback!

For Sydney fans we will see you tonight at BCW 37 featuring Ultimo Dragon Vs Mick Moretti. Tickets at this link:-