BCW37 Results

Last night at BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 37 in Sydney the following took place:-

MATCH 1 – Tag Team Match
Vinnie Vain/Lucius Wulfe Vs Nick Bury/Mitch Waterman

A high energy opener was enjoyed by the Battle Kingdom as Bury and Waterman excited the crowd to the dismay of Vain and Wulfe. After some back and forth action it was the BSU Nick Bury and Mitch Waterman with their hands held in victory.
Winners: Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman via pinfall

MATCH 2 – Singles
Niki Nitro Vs Xena

In another display of nasty Miss Niki Nitro made quick work of her opponent, Xena who came in with high hopes. One Nitroglycerine Stunner later and Nitro continued her trail of victories. After the match Xena fell victim to a camel clutch and was branded on the face by Nitro’s lipstick to add insult to injury.
Winner: Niki Nitro via pinfall

MATCH 3 – Singles
‘The Backman’ Lex Lennock Vs ‘Awkward’ Alex Irvine

In the battle between good and bad, the strong and the weak it was Lennock who made Irvine look like a child. Irvine tested his strength to considerable failure until shocking those in attendance with a roll up victory out of nowhere.
Winner: ‘Awkward’ Alex Irvine via pinfall

MATCH 4 – Singles
Gabriel Wolfe Vs Bee Boy

In a rematch from BCW 33 Gabriel Wolfe looked to make Bee Boy pay at every turn. Stating that he wanted to ‘steal his honey’ Wolfe eventually finished Bee Boy with a Lockjaw submission.
Winner: Gabriel Wolfe via submission

Announcement: Mexicools are coming to BCW 38 in Melbourne on Friday 28 February and to BCW 39 in Sydney on Saturday 29 February – Featuring Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy and Psicosis.

MATCH 5 – BCW Women’s Championship Match:
Mortar (c) Vs ASPN

ASPN’s fairytale was just that a ‘fairytale’ as she did everything in her power to rock and move Mortar. The Polynesian Demon then kicked into gear running over her smaller opponent and finishing her with a Chokeslam.
Winner: … AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion Mortar via pinfall

MATCH 6 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match:
The Preston Kindred (c) Vs Jack Bonza/Silvio Milano

The unfortunate illness to Madison Eagles became an opportunity for Silvio Milano as the Red Nation attempted to wrestle away gold from The Preston Kindred. Johnathan and Sean after almost losing their way, composed themselves and isolated their foes to nail their double team ‘Closer to God’ finish for the win and title retention.
Winners: … AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Preston Kindred via pinfall

MATCH 7 – Singles
Ultimo Dragon Vs Mick Moretti

In a main event worth waiting for, The Rapscallion had his shot against the Dragon. At one point Moretti became so confident that he pressed himself into a handstand in the corner imitating the legend before Ultimo Dragon came back with timing and power wrapping up Moretti for the pin.
Winner: Ultimo Dragon via pinfall


We thank all this winter attendance and look forward to receiving your feedback!

Tickets to BCW 38 in Melbourne on Friday 28 February and BCW 39 in Sydney on Saturday 29 February featuring the Mexicools will be released soon! Keeping checking back here for more details!