BCW32 Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 32 is in the history books and produced the following results:-

Match 1 – BCW Battle Express Championship Triple Threat:
Cody Swift (c) Vs Nick Bury Vs Mitch Waterman

Crash and Burn wrestling returned between these three combatants as Bury and Waterman played a game of ‘anything you can do, I can do better’ before the crafty Champion, Swift utilised the openings to hit the fataliser for the pinfall finish on Bury in less than the allotted ten minutes.

Winner: AND STILL BCW Battle Express Champion, Cody Swift via pinfall

Match 2 – Dan Severn Vs DCT
The debut of ‘The Beast’ was impressive as he tossed his Scottish counterpart around the ring turning him into a human pinball. DCT as cocky as he has ever been, tried but failed as he succumbed to a Dragon Sleeper.

Winner: Dan Severn via submission

Match 3 – BCW Women’s Championship:
Mortar (c) Vs Vixsin

The age old adage applied here as the irresistible force met the immovable object. Two Goliaths went to Battle and Vixsin appeared to have the match won after a choke bomb. The lights then went out and The Preston Kindred theme appeared to cause enough of a distraction to allow Mortar to hit the Chokeslam for the pin and remain undefeated in the Battle Kingdom.

Winner: AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion, Mortar via pinfall

AFTERMATH: Danielle Moinet (formerly known as Summer Rae) and Tenille Dashwood (formerly known as Emma) appeared on screen to set the challenge for Mortar as Tenille promised to arrive in the Battle Kingdom and Moinet made the argument that she was owed a Championship Match from BCW.

Match 4 – 15 Person Battle Rumble for BCW Heavyweights No.1 Contendership:
Gabriel Wolfe, Nick Bury, Mitch Waterman, Cody Swift, Freddie Gold, Ritchie Taylor, Zhan Wen, Big Cuz, Cletus, Gore w/Krackerjak, Sketch, Sullivan Husk, Bass The Announcer, Jesse Hendy, Kaz Jordan

15 wrestlers attempted to win the ultimate opportunity but it was he who drew number 2, Gabriel Wolfe who won last eliminating Mitch Waterman. This match also saw the voice of the Battle Kingdom, Bass enter the match eliminating Sullivan Husk in the process.

Winner: Gabriel Wolfe

Match 5 – BCW Tag Team Championships:
Ken Shamrock/Carlo Cannon (c) Vs The Preston Kindred

In a match which saw the debuting new attitude of Johnathan and Sean Preston, it still appeared as though Ken and Carlo would find a way to victory. This all changed when Dan Severn entered the ringside area distracting Ken. Ken’s distraction saw Carlo alone as he was hit with the ‘Last Word Of God’ by The Preston Kindred and pinned.

Winners: AND NEW BCW Tag Team Champions, The Preston Kindred

AFTERMATH: Ken Shamrock challenged Dan Severn as the entire lockeroom spilled out to stop them from fighting. Ken launched over the top rope with a suicide leap crashing into Dan and they brawled to the back.

ANNOUNCEMENT: Mick Moretti appeared on screen claiming he never gets pinned or submitted and wants the best. Enter, Damian Slater on screen who states he is the best and will take on The Rapscallion in the Battle Kingdom.

Match 6 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Ultraviolent Rules Match:
Maddog (c) Vs Masashi Takeda
The protege of Jun Kasai and the world’s greatest Death Match wrestler, Takeda debuted against Maddog while challenging for the grand prize. In a match with Light Tubes, Glass Sheets, Tables, Thumbtacks, Barbed Wire Boards and Chairs it was Maddog who scored the pinfall victory to retain his Championship.

Winner: AND STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion, Maddog.

AFTERMATH: Erika Reid called out Maddog to reveal the return of Syd Parker who returned to the Battle Kingdom and stated that he was back and challenging Maddog to a Prehistoric Death Match while explicitly riling up the fans.

Thank you to all fans who attended and we look forward to receiving your feedback on the show.

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