BCW33 Results

Last night BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 33 emanated from the Max Watts Centre in Sydney producing the following results:

Match 1 – Sketch Vs GATT
In an opener exhibiting both expected and unexpected highflying action, Sketch managed to end this contest after a moonsault in GATT.

Winner: Sketch via pinfall

Match 2 – Carlo Cannon Vs Bee Boy
The Cappuccino Filipino Carlo Cannon entered the Hive against Bee Boy and managed to avoid the sting. Carlo ended this one after tying up Bee Boy in a half boston crab for the submission.

Winner: Bee Boy via submission

Match 3 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Hardcore Rules Match:
Maddog (c) Vs Masashi Takeda

Before this match started, BCW Women’s Champion, Mortar and Vixsin fought out from the back. When in the ring Vixsin incidentally hit Takeda which led to Maddog intervening and grabbing the mic. Maddog set and then declared the challenge that he and Vixsin would take on Takeda and Mortar. However if Vixsin pinned Mortar she would win the BCW Women’s Championship and if Takeda pinned Maddog he would win the BCW Heavyweight Championship.

Match 3A – BCW Heavyweight and BCW Women’s Championship Hardcore Rules Match:
Maddog (c)/Vixsin Vs Masahi Takeda/Mortar (c)

In a tornado rules affair which included tables, chairs, barbed wire boards, thumbtacks and scissors with both titles on the line it was Mortar with a chokeslam to Vixsin through a table which scored the victory for her team. Mortar retained her BCW Women’s Championship and Maddog retained his BCW Heavyweight Championship.

Winners: AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion Mortar
AND STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Maddog

Match 4 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match:
The Preston Kindred (c) Vs Vinnie Vain/Lucius Wulfe

The newly crowned BCW Tag Team Champions, The Preston Kindred dominated their Sydney based foes. Johnathan and Sean took out Vinnie Vain with ‘The Last Word of God’ for the pinfall victory.

Winners: AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Preston Kindred

Match 5 – Niki Nitro Vs Flame

For the second time in Sydney Miss Nitro made quick work of her opponent Flame after hitting her with the Nitroglycerin. After the match Niki retrieves her belt and choked out Flame before applying lipstick on her face in a violent and maniacal manner.

Winner: Niki Nitro via pinfall

Match 6 – No Holds Barred:
Ken Shamrock Vs Dan Severn

In what can only be described as a throwback to the ages, Shamrock and Severn exhibited a wide range from their respective arsenals. This included a one for one throw to submission before fighting threw the fans utilising anything in sight. Three referees taken out and half the BCW Lockeroom led to this match being called a No Contest.

Winner: No Contest


We would like to thank all fans who attended BCW 33 and look forward to reading your feedback.

Our next show is BCW 34 on Friday 25 October 2019 at the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre featuring a BCW Women’s Championship Triple Threat Match between Mortar (c), Danielle Moinet and Tenille Dashwood.