BCW23 Results

BCW23: EXTREME BATTLE NIGHT FOUR on Saturday 8 September 2018 is now in the history books producing the following results:

Match 1 – Erika Reid def Vixsin, Katie Forbes via pinfall
In Triple Threat Match Erika Reid announced herself in the BCW Women’s Division after bicycle kicking Vixsin to remove her from the contest and pinning Katie Forbes. Forbes having received a Vixsin Bomb had no chance of kicking out of the three and was simply cannon fodder for the blue-haired Voodoo Witch.

Match 2 – The Preston Kindred def Kaz Jordan & Cody Swift via pinfall
The third match for Johnathan and Sean before the Battle Kingdom saw further domination of their smaller opponents. The Preston Kindred have made a devastating impact on BCW with the elephant in the room being if and or when Alan Payne returns what type of collision will occur.

Match 3 – Shane Douglas def Slade Mercer via pinfall
Both combatants having failed to appear in the victory column during this tour led to this interesting contest. The mentor of Shane Douglas, Dominic Denucci was ringside after being presented with a belt for his contributions to Australian Wrestling back in the 1960s. Denucci stopped his charge from utilising nefarious means to victory which allowed Douglas to find a way in the winners’ column fair and square against the former BCW Heavyweight Champion in Slade Mercer.

Match 4 – Cletus & Sabu w/Super Genie def Gabriel Wolfe & Masato Tanaka via pinfall
Both Wolfe and Cletus met in ring to announce their mystery partners, and thereafter complete chaos occurred. In a car wreck of a contest it was Sabu finding the victory for his team.

Match 5 – Syd Parker w/Erika Reid def Tajiri via pinfall
In a mist happy contest which saw both competitors along with Erika Reid exchange paint, it was the Jurassic Punk that was able to overturn the Japanese Buzzsaw for the win.

Match 6 – BCW Women’s Championship Match – Melina (c) def Indi Hartwell via pinfall
In the second one on one meeting between Melina and Indi Hartwell it appeared as though Indi was going to reclaim gold. However with a surprise kick out by Melina after being nailed by Indi’s hammerlock DDT, it was the Paparazzi Princess with a split-legged finish for the three count. STILL BCW Women’s Champion, Melina.

Match 7 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Match – Maddog Def Rob Van Dam (c) via pinfall
In a match lined up after Maddog’s victory on Night One with an intriguing mix of styles both RVD and the Crazy Canine pulled out all the stops to find a pathway to victory. In what looked like it was going to be a third consecutive title defence for the Champion was reversed into a pinning combination for Maddog. Your NEW BCW Heavyweight Champion, Maddog.

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