BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 47 is now history producing the following results:

At the top of the show Slex interrupted Bass to announce himself as the International Superstar surprise entrant in the Battle Rumble to the Battle Kingdom’s dismay.

1 – BCW Women’s Championship Fatal Four Way Elimination:
Vixsin (c) Vs Tarlee Vs Skylar Cruize Vs Caity Luxe

The first defence for the Hardcore Bitch on paper was a difficult one. However Vixsin monstered her way one opponent after the next. First nailing Tarlee with a chokebomb eliminating the green haired ninja turtle inspired warrior, then nailing Skylar with a chokebomb centre ring eliminating the debutant, before ending proceedings and getting a win back from Caity Luxe nailing her with a third chokebomb for the victory.

Winner… and STILL BCW Women’s Champion: VIXSIN via pinfall

2 – 15-Man BCW Battle Rumble for the BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contendership:
(Levi Nixon; Sam Yannis; Big Cuz; Emman The Kid; Sean Preston; Chuck E Chaos; Gabriel Wolfe w/Enyo Crows; Jordie Sparkles; Bass; Slex; Kay E Prince; Gore; Tommy Hellfire; Lucius Wulfe; PJ Black)

Levi Nixon and Sam Yannis drew 1 and 2 respectively, commencing the the Rumble with a Zorba the Greek dance. The third participant, Big Cuz joined in before turning on the Sexy Greek Boys and eliminating them without issue. However as Emman entered the fray, both Levi and Sam cashed in a double chance card seemingly given to them only. Sean Preston entered next, before the first of three surprise entrants in Chuck E Chaos made his Battle Kingdom debut. Gabriel Wolfe, a past winner, entered thereafter with Enyo Crows by his side. At this juncture Chuck was eliminated after going face to face with Big Cuz. Next to enter was Jordie Sparkles, with Emman the Kid next to go at the hands of the nefarious Gabriel Wolfe.

At No.9 the second surprise entrant entered the Rumble, none other than Bass. Immediately drawing the attention of Sean Preston, Bass was quick to block a punch and then clock Preston with the mic before eliminating him from the Rumble. Slex then entered at No.10 and a pumped up Bass thought the better of it, eliminating himself. The Sexy Greek Boys then tried their luck against Slex to the delight of the splitting Sparkles. Slex looking dismayed by Sparkles tossed him over the top and said “thank you for coming!”

Kay E Prince entered next feeling froggy before catching some knees. It was then Gore’s turn as he went straight after Big Cuz. Brute strength prevailed with Gore slamming Cuz to the mat and then eliminating the Arabian Nightmare. Hellfire entered at No.13 attempting to form an alliance with Gabriel Wolfe. Prince at this point received open backhands from the Sexy Greek Boys before being eliminated. Lucius Wulfe fired in as the penultimate entrant hitting a flying European uppercut, then came the international superstar surprise entrant at No.15 The Darewolf PJ Black.

Slex was irate at this point believing he was the “ringer” in this match. Lucius Wulfe was next to go as the ring cleared up. Hellfire then double crossed Wolfe after making a proposal to Enyo Crows which left Crows outside and in pain as he eliminated Wolfe. Gore was then headscissored out by PJ Black before the Sexy Greek Boys were eliminated for the second time by Hellfire. An angry Wolfe the re-entered the match and tossed out Hellfire.

It was down to PJ and Slex before the Zorba dance music started to play and the lifeless Sexy Greek Boys started to rise and fire up, cashing in the Triple Chance as one entity, charging back into the ring only to be eliminated for the third time by Slex and PJ. Then it was mano-e-mano, ROH veterans PJ Black and Slex who went back and forth before PJ eliminated the Business thus becoming the BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contender and 4th Winner of the Battle Rumble.

Winner… and NEW No.1 Contender to the BCW Heavyweight Championship PJ Black via last eliminating Slex

3 – BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contendership:
PJ Black Vs Slex

In the aftermath of the Battle Rumble, Slex demanded a match there and then as he claimed to be caught by surprise in a match he should never have been in. PJ accepted and the match ensued. Fighting all over the BCW Arena, PJ Black and Slex gave the Battle Kingdom every inch of themselves. Near fall after near fall, it was eventually PJ Black who rolled through for the quick pin.

Winner… and STILL No.1 Contender to the BCW Heavyweight Championship PJ Black

4 – BCW Tag Team Championship Hardcore Rules:
Maddog & Cletus (c) Vs Tome Filip & Stevie Filip

The Barking Bogans finally had their chance to get their hands on two thirds of the triumvirate in the Natural Classics. Maddog making this contest hardcore would prove to be the undoing as Cletus was handcuffed at ringside by the Filips. In the closing stages Cletus was freed and lit a table on fire when it looked like the Filips were coming close to their demise. However a reversal left Maddog in a heap of wood as he was covered for the three count.

Winners … and NEW BCW Tag Team Champions Tome Filip & Stevie Filip via pinfall

5 – BCW Battle Express Championship:
Johnathan Preston (c) Vs Zhan Wen

At the start of the match Sean Preston made his way to the ringside area bringing his own chair as he taunted Bass and heckled from the front row. Johnathan would utilise Sean throughout as Zhan Wen constantly looked over his shoulder. As time was about to expire Johnathan grabbed the belt to “show” Zhan Wen only to be caught by the referee. With all the confusion, Johnathan took out brass knuckles from his tights and when the referee was not looking nailed the Emperor of Pain. Zhan was as good as out, and about to be counted out before time expired. Preston retained his title.

Draw: Time Expiration … and STILL BCW Battle Express Champion Johnathan Preston

6 – BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Mick Moretti (c) Vs TAKA Michinoku

The fans were split as Moretti made his first Championship defence against TAKA Michinoku. TAKA used his strong style and experience to goad Moretti, as Moretti constantly looked for the handshake from his foe. TAKA having none of it competed hard looking every bit an imminent Champion. However Moretti rallied and a Pump Handle Surprise later, saw him pin the Japanese Legend to retain the gold.

Winner … and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Mick Moretti via pinfall.


Thank you for all who attended and please feel free to provide your feedback on our show!

We will see you all at BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 48 on Friday 26 October 2022. Huge announcements to come!