BCW52 Results

On Friday 30 June 2023 BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 52 produced one hell of a show with the following results:

Match 1 – For Maddog’s BCW Heavyweight No.1 Contendership:
Sean Preston Vs Maddog

Maddog entered this match wanting another challenge while Sean was given the biggest opportunity of his career. Sean impressed with his offence however Maddog Mathematics was simply too much as the Crazy Canine nailed his foe with a Piledriver for the win.

After the match The Bastard Brothers chased a fallen Sean Preston out of the building wanting to nail him with a staple gun as payback for what he did at BCW 51.
Winner: …and STILL BCW Heavyweight No.1 Contender MADDOG via pinfall

Match 2 – Carlo Cannon & Zhan Wen Vs The Sexy Greek Boys (Sam Yannis & Levi Nixon)

Two thirds of the newly formed Midnight 3 hunted for a victory against the Sexy Greek Boys. Isolating Sam Yannis, M3 took control, before Nixon entered the fray like a house on fire. Not to be denied Wen and Cannon took back control before claiming their victory.
Winners: Carlo Cannon & Zhan Wen via pinfall

Match 3 – BCW Battle Express Championship:
Johnathan Preston (c) Vs Cletus

Johnathan attempted to thwart the start of the match before Cletus took matters into his own hands going for the quick pin and hitting a shooting star press almost becoming a two-time Battle Express Champion. Johnathan then gained control defeating Everbody’s Favourite Bogan to retain his title.
Winner: … and STILL BCW Battle Express Champion Johnathan Preston

Match 4 – Lince Dorado Vs Emman Azman

The new attitude of the Golden Boy was on show as he represented one third of the Midnight 3. The not too impressed Lince Dorado was prepared to take on the entire trio as he dazzled with speed and agility. M3 eventually lost their advantage when Carlo Cannon and Zhan Wen were ejected. This led to Dorado getting on top and finishing Azman for the win.

After the match the Midnight 3 attempted to attack Dorado before Samuray Del Sol entered the ring for the save.
Winner: Lince Dorado via pinfall

Match 5 – BCW Tag Team Championship:
The Parea (Gabriel Aeros & Eli Theseus) Vs The Bastard Brothers (Krackerjak & Gore)

The Parea and The Bastard Brothers went face to face with neither team willing to back down. The hard hitting action was then halted as The Preston Kindred interfered to cost the Bastards and allow The Parea to finish the job with a win.

After the match The Bastard Brothers chased The Preston Kindred to the back. The Parea then celebrated only to be ambushed by the frustrated Sexy Greek Boys who finally stood tall against their Hellenic compatriots.
Winners: … and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Parea via pinfall

Match 6 – BCW Women’s No.1 Contendership:
Tarlee Vs Vixsin

In what was supposed to be Caity Luxe defending her title against Tarlee ended up in Tarlee Vs Vixsin. Caity refusing to perform as she claimed Tarlee had not earned such an opportunity. Vixsin took matters into her own hands and was on the verge of another title opportunity until Caity clocked her in the jaw with brass knuckles to hand Tarlee the victory.
Winner: … NEW BCW Women’s No.1 Contender Tarlee via pinfall

Match 7 – BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Mick Moretti (c) Vs Samuray Del Sol

This contest was mouth watering on paper and proved to be the same live in person as these two combatants gave each other as good as they got. Interference from the Midnight 3 brought out Lince Dorado and unfortunately this match was declared a No Contest.

After the bell Moretti, Dorado and Del Sol fought off the Midnight 3. A six man tag team match was then announced on the spot between the newly formed Lucha Battle Party and the Midnight 3.
Winner: No Contest … and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Mick Moretti

Match 8 – Lucha Battle Party (Mick Moretti, Samuray Del Sol & Lince Dorado) Vs Midnight 3 (Carlo Cannon, Zhan Wen & Emman Azman)

This impromptu match was turbulent with suicide dives in triple tandem from the Lucha Battle Party to kickstart affairs. M3 tried to tame the speed of their opponents with a trio of superkicks but the Lucha Battle Party was too much for them. The match finished as it started in tandem, with Moretti after being given a Lucha Mask nailing a swanton bomb, Dorado landing a Shooting Star Press and Del Sol hitting the 450 Splash. The three count then followed.

Winners: Lucha Battle Party (Mick Moretti, Lince Dorado & Samuray Del Sol) via pinfall