On Friday 26th April 2024, BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 57 emanated from the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre and produced the following results:
Live Video – A video played of Robbie Thorpe having car trouble while speaking with Barry Lucky O’Leary.

Opening – The Godfather entered the Battle Kingdom, but he was not alone as the “Hos” were in tow. The Godfather introduced himself as the Host before being interrupted by This Guy who was decked out in Right To Censor attire explaining that RTC was the only good character The Godfather ever played. The Godfather invited This Guy into the ring, but he refused to engage before leaving to a chorus of boos.

Match 1 – Triple Threat for Gore’s Battle Jumble Opportunity:
Tome Filip Vs Famous B Vs Gore
This match started quickly as Filip looked for an opening before Famous and Gore took turns in nailing their unlikable contemporary. It was not long before Gore and Famous went blow to blow, which opened up opportunities for Filip who almost ended the contest with a Taiga Driver. Famous looked the goods, super kicking Filip before being clotheslined out of the ring by Gore, thus giving Gore the opportunity to plant Filip with a back suplex and a dominator for the win.
Winner: Gore via pinfall.
Match 2 – BCW Women’s Championship:
Cherry Stephens (c) Vs Caity Luxe
The sequel picked up where these two combatants were last time out. Luxe looking for nefarious ways to find a victory and Stephens countering each attempt, even after her study book was ripped to shred. While in control of the match, Stephens went to the outside as Luxe was down searching for something in her tights. With the Referee Dave Morgan distracted, Vixsin entered the ringside area and without delay snatched Stephens from the apron and powerbombed her through the announcer’s table. Though not looking like winner, Stephens was victorious via disqualification thus retaining her title.
Winner: …AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion Cherry Stephens via disqualification.

Live video – A video played of Robbie Thorpe telling Barry Lucky O’Leary that his car had broken down, but he is going to be like Forrest Gump and make it to the show as he ran off into the distance.
Match 3 – Jordie Sparkles Super Open Challenge … Yet Again:
Jordie Sparkles Vs Mitch Waterman
Sparkles entered the Battle Kingdom speaking of his past open challenges and the lack of study time he put into his opponents. Now having studied the entire lockeroom, he was ready. Enter Mitch Waterman, who has not been seen in the Battle Kingdom for almost two years. Sparkles attempted to shock Waterman with his set of crafty moves, however Waterman was simply too much and nailed Sparkles for the win.
Winner: Mitch Waterman via pinfall.

Match 4 – Gauntlet:
Cletus Vs Robbie Thorpe, Barry Lucky O’Leary, This Guy
This Guy grabbed the mic to declare the Gauntlet Match was not going ahead as Robbie Thorpe was not here and had some mysterious car trouble. Cletus stood opposite This Guy with a car part indicating the obvious, before The Godfather returned to inform This Guy the match was indeed happening and it was happening right now.

Stage 1: Cletus Vs Robbie Thorpe
Referee Dave Morgan proceeded to count out Robbie Thorpe who did not make the show.
Winner of Stage 1: Cletus via count out.

Stage 2: Cletus Vs Barry Lucky O’Leary
Cletus and O’Leary went back and forth, with an irate This Guy upset on the outside to the point that Referee Dave Morgan was distracted. While distracted Cletus placed O’Leary’s leg between his legs and when the referee turned around, Cletus fell to the canvas in pain as though it was a low blow, causing the disqualification.
Winner of Stage 2: Cletus via disqualification.

Stage 3: Cletus Vs This Guy
Cletus finally had his moment with This Guy, however This Guy pounced on his smaller foe and was control. During this contest, O’Leary was on the outside but became distracted as The Godfather’s “Hos” returned. This Guy was then distracted centre ring, thus giving Cletus an opportunity to roll up This Guy for the win.
Winner of Stage 3: Cletus via pinfall
Winner of the Gauntlet Match: Cletus

Aftermath: After the match This Guy and O’Leary beat down on Cletus, until out of nowhere a man dressed in similar flannel shirt to Cletus charged out of the crowd into the ring and cleaned house. Cletus slowly got to his feet to embrace this mystery man, who was later revealed to be his relative Bush Kelly.

Match 5 – BCW Tag Team Championship:
The Sexy Greek Boys (Levi Nixon & Sam Yannis) (c) Vs Slade Mercer/Gabriel Wolfe
The Sexy Greek Boys were charged with energy as they wanted retribution against the larger foes for spoiling their first Championship defence. Yannis and Nixon fired throughout utilising their tags, but did find it difficult to tame the diabolical mat technician in Wolfe and the behemoth Slade Mercer. Not to be denied the Sexy Greek Boys found a path to victory with a shock pin.
Winners: … AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Sexy Greek Boys via pinfall.

Aftermath: Mercer and Wolfe slammed the belts into the faces of the Champions, before leaving with one belt and keeping it hostage.
Match 6 – BCW Battle Express Championship:
Sean Preston (c) w/Johnathan Preston Vs Maddog
Sean Preston entered the match accompanied to the ring by his brother, Johnathan. Maddog took the Champion to his limit but was unable to score the win. Sean was impressive, even causing the Crazy Canine to draw blood. The time limit defeated both combatants and this match was declared a draw.
Unhappy by the time limit draw, both Sean and Maddog informed Referee Dave Morgan that they wanted the match to be restarted. A message came through from The Godfather and the match was indeed restarted to the anger of Johnathan Preston, who begged his younger brother to reconsider. The reset only served to distract the Preston Kindred which led to Maddog elevating Sean up for a Death Valley Driver to score the win, the Championship and to become the first ever Triple Crown Champion in Battle Championship Wrestling history.
Winner: … AND NEW BCW Battle Express Champion Maddog via pinfall.
Aftermath: Johnathan held up Sean as they acknowledged the support of the crowd until the unthinkable happened, and Johnathan took out his younger brother with a decapitating boot to the head.

Match 7 – BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Mick Moretti (c) Vs Eli Theseus
In a match that was always going to be hard hitting, the Rapscallion made it known early that he wanted to see something from Theseus. In a back and forth contest, with a referee bump causing frustration to both combatants, it was Theseus who almost had the
match sewn up after the use of his gold chain. However the mischievous Rapscallion not to be outwitted, used the gold chain to his own advantage and a curb stomp later allowed him to retain his title.
Winner: …AND STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Mick Moretti
Aftermath: After the Main Event, This Guy entered the Battle Kingdom complaining about The Godfather while making it clear The Godfather and his “Hos” had left the building. This Guy proceeded to claim that he would beat down any rendition of The Godfather. Not a moment later, the music of Papa Shango played as he stalked the ring. Papa Shango pointed to the referee and then pointed to the announcer and it was official

Match 8 – Papa Shango Vs This Guy
The Battle Kingdom was in awe as Papa Shango struck This Guy, who attempted his own reversal only to be taken out and knocked out cold. Papa Shango placed one foot on This Guy and scored the pinfall.
Winner: Papa Shango via pinfall.

Live video – A video played of Robbie Thorpe running to the venue before tripping over in exhaustion.
Thank you to all who attended, please feel free to provide your feedback!
We will see you all at “The Best In Battle Tournament” on Friday 5 July 2024 and Saturday 6 July 2024. Announcements coming soon!