BCW39 – Results

Last night BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 39 took place in Sydney where there was yet again two title changes! The results were as follows:

Match 1 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Gabriel Wolfe (c) Vs Nick Bury

The BCW Heavyweight Championship has been held by a select few since inception, however in two nights we saw three different Champions. Last night this Main Event started the show and although Wolfe appeared to be In control, the Winner of the Battle Royal, Nick Bury found a way. Bury’s intensity hit an all time high as he locked Wolfe into the crossface for the submission victory.

Winner:…AND NEW BCW Heavyweight Champion Nick Bury via submission

Match 2 – BCW Battle Express Championship No.1 Contendership Turmoil Match:
Sketch Vs Jesse Hendy Vs Bee Boy Vs Lucius Wulfe
This match pitted Sketch and Jesse Hendy to start the proceedings in a topsy turvy back and forth add air before Sketch hit the destroyer for the pinfall win. Bee Boy then entered the match and when in control received a low blow from Sketch causing the DQ. Lucius Wulfe was the final competitor in the match and dominated Bee Boy until the buzzing sensation caught his larger foe in a surprise pin to become the BCW Battle Express Championship No.1 Contender.

Winner: Bee Boy via pinfall

Match 3 – Singles
Vinnie Vain Vs Djaysonic
These two Sydneysiders went at it from the beginning, with Vinnie’s expressing his disdain for even being in this match as he stated he should be the one facing at least one of the Mexicools tonight. In the end Sonic missed the Swanton before being nailed with ‘Roll the Dice’ courtesy of Vinnie Vain, allowing Vain to capture the pinfall victory.

Winner: Vinnie Vain via pinfall

Match 4 – BCW Women’s Championship Match:
Mortar (c) Vs Aysha
Aysha’s first Championship opportunity was a valiant effort on her behalf as she attempted to slay the Polynesian Demon. However one spear from Mortar turned Aysha inside out for the pinfall win and Title retention.

Winner:…AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion Mortar via pinfall

Match 5 – BCW Battle Express Championship Match:
Juventud Guerrera (c) Vs Mitch Waterman

The Juice finally returned to Sydney where he and Mitch went for it in this ten minute time limit crash and burn special. Juvi’s victory from the night prior did not last long as Mitch utilized the ropes to gain the victory and the Championship. After the match Juventud challenged Mitch to a rematch in Mexico.

Winner:..AND NEW BCW Battle Express Champion Mitch Waterman via pinfall

Match 6 – Singles
Maddog Vs Mick Moretti
In a match that was initially supposed to be for the BCW Heavyweight Championship, Maddog and Mick went one for one until the climax where a double pin saw two referees arguing over who won the match before it was officially declared a draw.

Winner: DRAW via double pinfall

Match 7 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match:
The Preston Kindred (c) Vs The Mexicools (Super Crazy & Psicosis)
For the second night in a row the Kindred escaped with their gold in tact as they found a way to topple their counterparts by distracting the referee to hit Super Crazy with the belt and score the pin. After the match the beatdown on the Mexicools continued with Vinnie Vain joining in before Juventud came out to make the save and challenge the three foes to a six man match right away.

Winners:…AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Preston Kindred

Match 8 – 3 Man Tag
The Preston Kindred & Vinnie Vain Vs The Mexicools (Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy & Psicosis)
This impromptu main event led to bodies flying everywhere before the experience of the Mexicools shone through with a double pinning combination to stamp authority on the night and declare the Mexicools victorious.

Winners: The Mexicools (Juventud Guerrera, Super Crazy & Psicosis) via pinfall