SEXY GREEK BOYS put it all on the line against THE PAREA

Finally, it is happening as our next match announcement for BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 55 features the Battle of the Greeks for the BCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONSHIPS as THE PAREA defend against THE SEXY GREEK BOYS!

The incumbent BCW TAG TEAM CHAMPIONS have declared that there are no challenges left for them in the Battle Kingdom, as they have reigned supreme over all duos and otherwise have a BCW Heavyweight No.1 Contender in GABRIEL AEROS laying in wait for Mick Moretti.

Since winning the Tag Team Titles, THESEUS and AEROS have dominated the tag team division and at BCW 54 the Midnight 3 became a little too greedy as they spoiled their own opportunity. Draped in Gold THE PAREA now want d to go on a hiatus from the Battle Kingdom, however THE SEXY GREEK BOYS, the perennial thorns in the side of their counterparts made the final challenge like an ending from Mortal Kombat!

Standing tall and tired of playing second fiddle, LEVI NIXON and SAM YANNIS made their presence felt at BCW 54 as they challenged THE PAREA and put it all on the line – if they are unsuccessful then they will disband as a team for good!

A risky position for THE SEXY GREEK BOYS who have to date, yet to register a victory in the Battle Kingdom either individually or as a team, while providing BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING with some of the greatest moments in the past two years.

In 480 BC the Spartans fought for democracy in the Battle of Thermopylae, thereafter in 480 BC the Greek City States led by Themistocles fought at the seas for democracy in the Battle of Salamis, and in 490 BC the Athenians fought to defend their kingdom in the Battle of Marathon, with all Battles overseen by the Twelve Deities of Mount Olympus!

NOW it is time for THE PAREA to wage war on THE SEXY GREEK BOYS to put an end to their run as favourites in the Battle Kingdom!

AND NOW it is time for THE SEXY GREEK BOYS to fight for their own democracy against THE PAREA and put an end to their reign of terror in the Battle Kingdom!

On Friday 24 November 2023, we will see Hellenistic violence – but who will prevail – THE PAREA or THE SEXY GREEK BOYS?

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