Last night BCW 56 emanated from the South Eastern Entertainment Centre and produced the following results:

Match 1. Battle Jumble Match:
Gabriel Wolfe Vs Stevie Filip Vs Lucius Wulfe Vs Slade Mercer Vs Gore Vs Famous B vs Slex
Fall 1 – Pinfall
The seven combatants fought in and out of the ring as they attempted to pin one another before Gore planted Stevie Filip pinning him and eliminating him from the contest.
Fall 2 – Bodyslam
The remaining combatants attempted to slam one another, and each had a shot at Gore to no avail. Lucius Wulfe charged Gore like an equal foe but before he could finish the slam, Gore slipped behind Lucius and nailed the bodyslam thus eliminating him from the match.
Fall 3 – Countout
In a peculiar fall that meant the five remaining combatants tried to keep each other out of the ring, saw Famous B soar over the top taking out everyone including himself. Each combatant slowly beat the count save for Slade Mercer after Gore slammed Mercer into the guardrail causing him to miss the count and be eliminated.
Fall 4 – Submission
It was now down to four as Wolfe, Slex, Gore and Famous B fought on. Wolfe was tied up by Slex and Famous B which caused some confusion, before again being tied up solely by Slex in a Business Lock and submitting thus causing Wolfe’s elimination.
Fall 5 – Superkick
The final three combatants immediately started to try and hit the chin of their opponents with the soles of their wrestling boots before each of them captured a leg. It became a hopping contest where Slex refused to let go. Famous B took advantage of Slex’s purported advantage and nailed him with a superkick to cause the elimination.
Fall 6 – Over The Top Rope
Th final fall pitted last year’s Battle Jumble Winner against Famous B. Back and forth they went before fighting on the apron teetering on the edge of elimination. It was Gore who would prevail as he eventually toppled Famous B over the top rope to win the match.
Winner: GORE via final elimination who now earns an opportunity at any BCW Championship of his choosing.
Match 2. BCW Women’s Championship Match:
Cherry Stephens Vs Caity Luxe (c)
It was the debut of Cherry Stephens in the Battle Kingdom and she did not disappoint in shocking the fans. Stephens and Luxe went at each other, as well as Luxe at the referee Dave Morgan. It looked like Luxe would gain the victory once more with the use of her makeshift knucks, however Stephens would kick out. Distracted by Dave Morgan’s presence, Luxe took her eye off the prize leading to Stephens rolling her up for the three count to become the new BCW Women’s Champion.
Winner: … AND NEW BCW Women’s Champion CHERRY STEPHENS via pinfall
Match 3. 3 on 2 Handicap Match:
The Gift Robbie Thorpe, Barry Lucky O’Leary & This Guy Vs Cletus & Maddog
Last show Cletus was betrayed, this show Cletus had the back up of his one-time BCW Tag Team Championship partner, Maddog. Nonetheless, Thorpe, O’Leary and This Guy did well to isolate Cletus during this match to the frustration of Maddog. Eventually Maddog managed to cause some carnage and together the Barking Bogans almost finished the match but had the wrong man pinned. This Guy took advantage by nailing a double low blow behind the referee’s back before Maddog was disposed of to the outside. This Guy then nailed Cletus with a discus right hand to end the contest via pinfall.
Winner: The Gift Robbie Thorpe, Barry Lucky O’Leary & This Guy via pinfall
Match 4. Special Attraction Main Event Match – The Taiga Vs The Cat:
Tome The Taiga Filip Vs Ernest The Cat Miller
This match was more than six months in the making and did not disappoint. The Cat danced to the ring and called his foe a “Pussy” to the delight of the Battle Kingdom. This only served to motivate The Taiga who attacked The Cat with great ferocity. Not to be denied The Cat eventually got into his groove with Karate kicks left and right before putting The Taiga down for good for the 1-2-3.
Winner: Ernest The Cat Miller via pinfall
ANNOUNCEMENT: Promo Package for BCW 57 played featuring Special Guest Host, The Godfather
Match 5. BCW Tag Team Championship Match:
The Black Diamonds (Jason Blade & Seth Tanner) Vs The Sexy Greek Boys (Sam Yannis & Levi Nixon) (c)
The Black Diamonds were billed as the Rocky Balboas of the Battle Kingdom but went toe-to-toe with the Champions at every turn looking for the advantage. However, the Sexy Greek Boys showed exactly why they won the Championships and executed their team work to perfection. The finish came clean as Sam Yannis ‘Rolled The Souvlaki’ before Levi Nixon hit the ‘Phoenix Splash’ for the pinfall victory and title retention.
Winners: … AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions THE SEXY GREEK BOYS via pinfall
Match 6. Jordie Sparkles Open Challenge… Once Again:
Jordie Sparkles Vs Vixsin
Sparkles entered the Battle Kingdom to the excitement of his family, friends and Christina Aguilera besties. The challenge was then answered by the Hardcore Bitch Vixsin who toyed with a confused Sparkles who never got going before hitting him with a Choke Bomb for the win.
Winner: Vixsin via pinfall
Match 7. BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Adam Brooks Vs Mick Moretti (c)
In a rematch from BCW 40 back in December 2020, Brooks and Moretti were ready to wrestle. Brooks made sure to remind Moretti that, he had never beaten him. However, this only assisted the Rapscallion in his resolve throughout the contest. The match began with near fall after near fall and spilled inside and outside the ring. Brooks had his moments to capture the gold before a rampaging Rapscallion nailed him with two consecutive Curb Stomps to put an end to the contest and once again retain the BCW Heavyweight Championship.
Winner: … AND STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion MICK MORETTI via pinfall