BCW53 Results

Last night BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 53 took place producing the following results:

1 – BCW Battle Express Championship Match:
Johnathan Preston (c) Vs Famous B

Johnathan Preston entered the ring supported by his brother, Sean before some unkind words towards the Battle Kingdom and his opponent. Famous B took no notice as he dialled 4-2-3 Get Fame excited by his opportunity. It looked like the numbers would be too much for Famous until he found a way to spoil the party and shock the Australian Professional Wrestling scene by hitting a Fly As I Wanna Be swanton bomb for the three count to win the Battle Express Championship.

Winner…and NEW BCW Battle Express Champion FAMOUS B via pinfall

After the match Jonathan immediately grabbed the mic to demand his immediate rematch, making reference to Famous B’s promo where he said he would be the most fighting and defendingest champion. Famous B obliged and not only accepted Jonathan as his next challenge later in the night, but also Sean Preston to set up a Triple Threat match.

2 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match:
The Parea (c) Vs The Natural Classics

In the final encounter between these two teams, the Classics came in with a new attitude and positive outlook on their chances. The Parea, as angry as they have ever been were all about insults and injury. Opportunities were won and lost, until the use of a chain assisted in The Parea claiming the pin and retaining their titles.

Winners… and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions THE PAREA via pinfall

3 – BCW Women’s Championship Match:
Caity Luxe (c) Vs Tarlee

After earning her title opportunity, Tarlee was primed and ready as Caity looked for every reason to disengage. In the end the Champion showed why she is just that hitting a frog splash before the three count to retain her championship.

Winner… and STILL BCW Women’s Champion CAITY LUXE via pinfall

Caity Luxe remained at ringside to sit and watch the Battle Rumble as she cooled down.

4 – 5th Annual 15-Wrestler Battle Rumble

This match started with Levi Nixon and Cletus, before Sam Yannis entered to encourage a Zorba. Next in was Emman Azman, followed by a surprise appearance by This Guy before Vixsin made her way to the ring. The Women’s Champion, Luxe then involved herself to give This Guy the biggest moment of his non-career by eliminating Vixsin, which was short-lived when Cletus then eliminated This Guy. Lucius Wulfe was in next followed by Jordie Sparkles, who was swatted by This Guy who returned from the back with an unknown gargantuan now known as The Ruler Robbie Thorpe. Thorpe targeted Cletus decimating him before eliminating Everybody’s Favourite Bogan.

Numbers continued to grow as Gabriel Wolfe entered, Eli Theseus, PJ Black returned, Carlo Cannon, Gabriel Aeros, Lucky Barry O’Leary and Zhan Wen. As bodies flew over the top rope, Lucky found himself toppling out the fighting duo of Wolfe and PJ Black in an unexpected shock. Midnight 3 had a period of domination where it looked like Sam Yannis had been speared in half by Cannon, before they found themselves on the outside.

The finale was set with The Sexy Greek Boys and The Parea, only for Lucky to pop up and try his ‘luck’ before being eliminated. The Final Four then went on attack with The Parea getting on top and Eli eliminating Sam Yannis. Levi skinned the cat and eventually found a way to eliminate Theseus as he charged towards Aeros. Aeros tossed out Levi who again hung on before almost eliminating Aeros who was in celebration mode on the top rope. Action spilled out on the apron as Levi looked to have the goods before Aeros grabbed the chain and after a misfire, he clocked his smaller compatriot and eliminated him to become your 2023 Battle Rumble Winner.

Winner… GABRIEL AEROS last eliminating Levi Nixon

5 – PJ Black Vs Gabriel Wolfe

In a rematch from BCW 11: Lucha Downunderground Night Uno and a continuation of their fight in the Battle Rumble, Wolfe and Black went at it. Black pulling out an array of moves to see himself on top before his the Sister Abigail in tribute to the late Windham Rotunda (Bray Wyatt) for the win.

Winner: PJ BLACK via pinfall

6 – BCW Battle Express Championship Triple Threat Match:
Famous B (c) Vs Jonathan Preston Vs Sean Preston

As promised Famous B was a fighting champion as he took on both members of The Preston Kindred. Dissension started to seep into the Kindred’s game plan giving the Champion the upper hand. A Flashlights superkick to Sean had him stumbling on his feet as a tired Jonathan nailed Famous to the back of the head with a decapitating big boot. Sean dropped on Famous as Johnathan took a breath in the corner. A three count later and Sean Preston become your new BCW Battle Express Champion.

Winner… and NEW BCW Battle Express Champion SEAN PRESTON via pinfall

7 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Hardcore Match:
Mick Moretti (c) Vs Maddog

Maddog took no time in filling the ring with chairs as Moretti entered. The match was exactly as advertised with tables, incidental blood and fire. Moretti dug down deep and found himself in a place where he started to enjoy some Maddog Mathematics. Maddog making every effort to regain his crown lit the biggest flame the Battle Kingdom has ever seen, save that he went through it to allow Moretti to finish him in the ring for the win and to retain his title.

Winner… and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Mick Moretti via pinfall

After the match Maddog gave Moretti his props before Moretti on a high challenged ‘anyone.’ Moments later the World Beater Damian Slater appeared on screen saying he accepted the challenge and it was set, as the Championship will be coming home to Perth. A second later the Japanese Legend KENTA KOBASHI appeared on screen to announce he will be hosting the match and award the champion with the title at BCW 54 on Friday 27 October 2023.


Thank you to all who attended BCW 53, we would love to hear your feedback!

Tickets for BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 54 on Friday 27 October 2023 featuring KENTA KOBASHI hosting the BCW Heavyweight Championship Match between MICK MORETTI and DAMIAN SLATER are on sale now!

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