On Friday 25 November 2022 BCW 49 took place producing the following results:-

Special Guest Commissioner Tito Santana opened the show to declare he would be maintaining order throughout and announcing all stipulations.

Match 1 – BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contendership Dog Collar Match:
Krackerjak Vs Maddog

In a match featuring THE Australian Legend and THE Australian Icon, these two combatants went back and forth leading to a bloody contest. Krackerjak almost claimed victory using every trick in his repertoire before the Crazy Canine ended affairs with a Piledriver for the three count.

Winner: …and NEW No.1 Contender Maddog via pinfall

Match 2 – Blindfold Match:
Sean Preston Vs Zhan Wen

Blinded last show by salt in the eye, it was only fitting for Zhan Wen that Commissioner Santana announced this stipulation. At first it was a careful match as each combatant felt their way around the ring however the fans then assisted their direction around the ring. Zhan Wen finally ended the match catching Sean with a Mo Ri Northern Lights Bomb for the win.

Winner: Zhan Wen via pinfall

Live Interview: Caity Luxe appeared in the crowd and was interviewed declaring she was simply an onlooker for the BCW Women’s Championship Match. At this time an over enthusiastic fan had to be escorted out after being kicked out by Commissioner Santana.

Match 3 – BCW Women’s Championship Brass Knuckles on a Pole Match:
Vixsin (c) Vs Savannah Summers

These two combatants attempted to climb the top rope to retrieve the Brass Knuckles as they battled away before the Knuckles were retrieved by Vixsin. Enter Caity Luxe who darted into the ring to grab the knuckles off Vixsin. Savannah eventually had the knuckles in hand ready to strike for the finish only to be caught by Vixsin for a choke bomb which ended the contest.

After the match Caity Luxe attacked the BCW Women’s Champion claim it is now her time.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Women’s Champion Vixsin via pinfall

Match 4: BCW Battle Express Dungeon Match:
Johnathan Preston (c) Vs Lucius Wulfe

The ropes were taken down for this match. Victory could only occur via pinfall, submission or ring out. Wulfe was game but Preston went to another psychotic level taking out a clear rain coat snapping into a diabolical thought. It was not long before Preston tied Wulfe up in a submission until he passed out to claim the win.

After the match the National Treasure Nick Aldis appeared on screen to challenge Johnathan Preston without a time limit at BCW 50.

Winner: …and STILL BCW Battle Express Champion Johnathan Preston via submission

Right after intermission, the unruly fan who was escorted out earlier returned only to once again be kicked out by Commissioner Santana.

Match 5: BCW Tag Team Championship Fans Bring The Weapons Match:
The Natural Classics (c) Vs The Parea Vs The Sexy Greek Boys

Quick to start, the Champions and The Parea looked to punish the Sexy Greek Boys. With some time for a Zorba Dance the Sexy Greek Boys managed to fight back. All sorts of weapons entered the match including a skateboard, a ukulele and toilet paper. Fighting all over the arena Tome flew as did Stevie from inside the ring to the outside over the guard rail. In the end The Parea looked like they would be victorious with Hades Curse only for the victory to be stolen by the Champions.

Winners: … and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Natural Classics via pinfall

Match 6: BCW Heavyweight Championship 30 Minute Iron Man Match:
Mick Moretti (c) Vs Slex

Five months in the making, the rematch finally happened. Moretti taking the early advantage with a pinfall and disqualification win. However Slex removed the wind from Moretti which led to Slex evening up the match. A double pinfall and a double count out later made it 4-4. In the final moments of the match Slex looked to have the match won, until Referee Dave Morgan took a hit leaving the match without a referee. Small package by Moretti and second referee Morgan Davidson entered the ring to count the three with seconds on the clock to give Moretti the victory. Moretti 5 Slex 4.

Winner: …and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Mick Moretti via 5-4 majority falls

After the match Commissioner Santana entered the ring to hand the Champion the Gold. Then, for the third time in the night the unruly fan returned. Commissioner Santana had enough and invited him in the ring. The unruly fan claimed to be a wrestler wanting in on the show calling Santana a dinosaur. Santana took off his jacket calling for a referee and this one become official with the unruly fan announced as “This Guy”.

Match 7: Tito Santana Vs This Guy (later revealed to be Johnny Della Rocco)

The bell rang, This Guy attempted to strike but was side stepped by Santana and hit with a stinging right hand knocking him unconscious. Santana covered This Guy for the three count before giving him a groin shot to end the show.

Winner: Tito Santana via pinfall


Thank you to all who attended BCW 49!

Please leave your feedback on what you liked and perhaps did not like.

We will see you all in the New Year at BCW 50 on Friday 24 February 2023!