BCW46 – Results

On Friday night BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 46 took place producing the following results for the history books:-

1 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:

Mick Moretti Vs Slex (c)

In a match that has been months in the making, time could not wait as Slex took on the Rapscallion in a “Battle Classic.” Moretti getting into the head of the Business took the early advantage before the Champion felt comfortable again, however reaching from the bottom of his bag of tricks and a Pump Handle Surprise later saw the Rapscallion finally become the new BCW Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: … and NEW BCW Heavyweight Champion Mick Moretti via pinfall

2 – Sketch Vs Levi Nixon

The Killshot, Sketch entered this match wanting to take out another Greek Lamb out to slaughter. However the Sexy Greek Boy, Nixon gave the Killshot more than he could handle. Notwithstanding, Sketch was simply too much nailing Nixon with a Destroyer before hitting a Shining Wizard for the finish. Nixon leaving the ring disillusioned once again believed he was the winner to the crowd’s delight.

Winner: Sketch via pinfall

3 – BCW Battle Express Championship No.1 Contenders Match:

Zhan Wen Vs Emman The Kid

The Emperor of Pain entered this match as the Goliath while the Malaysian Sensation was the David. A back and forth contest saw speed versus power, with speed almost prevailing before Zhan Wen hit his smaller foe with a Northern Lights Bomb for victory within the ten minute time limit.

Winner: … and No.1 Contender to the BCW Battle Express Championship Zhan Wen via pinfall

4 – Lucius Wulfe Vs Sam Yannis

Lucius Wulfe returned to his new home in the Battle Kingdom, taking on the Sexy Greek Boy Sam Yannis in what appeared on paper to be a lopsided affair. Yannis with more than just a moment, attempted to steal the win, before being hit by a side walk slam variation by Lucius to end the match. Not to be perturbed, Yannis believed he was the winner and Lucius decided to carry out his contemporary in victory anyway.

Winner: Lucius Wulfe via pinfall

5 – BCW Tag Team Championship Match:

Tome Filip & Cadman Vs Maddog & Gore (replacing Cletus) (c)

In what was supposed to be a six man tag team match saw Tome announce the injury of his brother Stevie Filip. This led to a demand for the match to be two on two. Cletus decided to arm wrestle Gore to break the tie breaker, leading to Gore replacing Cletus for one night only. In a hard hitting contest Maddog and Gore came up trumps with the victory and retention of the tag team gold.

Winners: … and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions Maddog & Gore (on behalf of Cletus for one night only) via pinfall

6 – BCW Battle Express Championship Match:

Sean Preston Vs Mitch Waterman (c)

In a guessing game where a ‘Preston’ was to take on Mitch Waterman, Sean appeared to be the chosen one as the Preston Kindred started with a double beat down before the clock started ticking. However during the match Johnathan entered the ring to cause a disqualification and beat down Mitch some more, before grabbing the mic and directing his anger as Bass declaring he was in fact the chosen Preston and the match needed to restart.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Battle Express Champion Mitch Waterman via disqualification

7 – BCW Battle Express Championship Match:

Johnathan Preston Vs Mitch Waterman (c)

This match started as the previous match ended, with Johnathan in control of the Champion. Waterman would fight back valiantly but had his hands full with Sean Preston still at ringside. Referee Dave Morgan finally ejected Sean Preston, but without an eye on the ring, Johnathan grabbed the Battle Express Championship and nailed Waterman before finishing him for the three count within the ten minute time limit.

Winner: … and NEW BCW Battle Express Champion Johnathan Preston via pinfall

8 – Gabriel Wolfe Vs Dalton Castle w/The Boys

In the night’s Main Event the first international superstar for more the two years Dalton Castle took on Gabriel Wolfe. Wowing the Battle Kingdom with his entrance with The Boys his Sexy Greek Boys, Castle played games with the diabolical Wolfe. However Wolfe eventually found his groove almost ending the night with the Lockjaw. The match ensued for over 20 minutes before Dalton Castle finally hit the Bang-A-Rang for the pinfall victory.

Winner: Dalton Castle via pinfall


Thank you for all those who attended BCW 46, please leave your feedback and we will hopefully see you all again for BCW 47 on Friday 26 August 2022!