BCW42 – Results

Last night is in the history books as BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 42 took place producing the following results:

Match 1 – BCW Battle Express Championship:
Mitch Waterman (c) Vs Robbie Eagles
In one of the most anticipated matches on the card, Waterman and Eagles felt each other out before hitting top speed with pinfall attempt after pinfall attempt. At the expiration of the Express Period of 10 minutes and one pinning combination away, neither Waterman nor Eagles were able to defeat the other making this match a time limit draw.
Winner: Time Limit Draw… and STILL BCW Battle Express Champion, Mitch Waterman

Aftermath: Mitch Waterman grabbed the microphone to convey his thoughts on Robbie Eagles, before challenging him to another match there and then. Eagles obliged.

Match 2 – BCW Battle Express Championship:
Mitch Waterman (c) Vs Robbie Eagles
In the second match of the night, Waterman and Eagles again elevated their competition and pace looking for a finish. After missing a high risk opportunity, Eagles countered with a leglock at approximately the 9:30 mark. Waterman in agonising pain was able to sustain the damage to his knee without tapping, thus retaining his Championship for the second time on the night.
Winner: Time Limit Draw… and STILL BCW Battle Express Champion, Mitch Waterman

Aftermath: Robbie Eagles took the microphone to congratulate his foe in Waterman, before challenging him down the road to a match, be it 10, 20, 30 or 60 minutes. Eagles then extended his hand and Waterman accepted the respect.

Match 3 – Aysha Vs Vixsin
Vixsin vowed to retire should she not defeat Aysha in less than three minutes placing her career on the line. Aysha having defeated Vixsin the last three occasions entered this contest with all the confidence in the world. However Vixsin gained immediate control from the bell and never looked back. The Hardcore Bitch, exerted her power over Aysha before ending the night with a Chokebomb in a touch under two minutes.
Winner: Vixsin via pinfall

Promo: Adam Brooks appeared on screen reminding everyone that Mick Moretti has yet to defeat him and confirming his return to the Battle Kingdom on Friday 30 April 2021 for BCW 43.

Match 4 – 2 On 1 Handicap Match:
Tome Filip & Cadman Vs Gore
In previous months Gore has had the number of Tome Filip, however with Cadman not far behind Tome in this affair, it was difficult for Gore to find the right opening to pounce on his opponents. At times Gore used his entire artillery and had the Battle Kingdom believing a victory was near, before Tome and Cadman found their way back into a dominate position. Not to be denied Gore came back again, looking to finish Tome, hoisting him up high for a suplex. Tome was about to be defeated for the third time, but the crafty Cadman reached out and from outside the ring without the referee noticing and grabbed the leg of Gore, shifting the weight and holding the leg down to allow Tome to finally pin his larger foe and gain the win.
Winner: Tome Filip & Cadman via pinfall

Match 5 – BCW Tag Team Championships:
The Preston Kindred (c) Vs Maddog/Cletus
The Preston Kindred returned to the Battle Kingdom just as they last left – despising the faithful. Looking to engage in some Maddog Mathematics, both Maddog and Cletus were bitterly disappointed when the Kindred announced this match was under regular tag team rules. The match was a hard hitting affair nonetheless, culminating in a shooting star press by Cletus on Johnathan and a leg drop through the table on the outside by Maddog on Sean. The count was made and it appeared that Maddog and Cletus wrestled away the tag team championships. Referee Dave Morgan took a closer look, realising, Sean was the legal man and had been leg dropped through the table by Maddog, the illegal man. Accordingly a disqualification was announced and The Preston Kindred remain Champions.
Winners: …and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Preston Kindred by Disqualification.

Aftermath: Maddog and Cletus demanded a rematch next show under Hardcore Rules, which appears to have been granted by BCW Management.

Match 6 – Big Cuz Vs Zhan Wen
The battle of behemoths was a war between King Kong and Godzilla. Zhan Wen looking for the slam on Cuz was unable to succeed and damaged his back in the process. This injury throughout the night was enough for Cuz to capitalise and eventually hit the Air Raid for the three count.
Winner: Big Cuz via pinfall

Match 7 – Sketch Vs Carlo Cannon
This blood feud continued as Sketch and Carlo went at it. Early on Sketch looking for a quick victory went high for the moonsault, missing, and appearing to injure himself. A concerned referee and a bemused Carlo Cannon looked on, as Carlo attempted to end the match. Playing a little possum was Sketch, as he fooled Carlo into a roll up attempt. It was not to be enough as Carlo kicked out before devastating Sketch for the win.
Winner: Carlo Cannon via pinfall

Aftermath: Sketch rolled out of the ring, only to return with a Kendo Stick beating down Carlo Cannon before leaving.

Match 8 – Gabriel Wolfe Vs Emman The Kid
Conspicuous by her absence, Enyo Crows did not accompany Wolfe to the ring as she remains recovering from the incidental superkick. This match went on and Emman gave Wolfe everything but the kitchen sink, before Wolfe gained control of the match catching Emman in a Lockjaw for the submission victory.
Winner: Gabriel Wolfe via submission

Match 9 – BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Nick Bury (c) Vs Robbie Eagles
Nick Bury entered the ring enraged and waiting for The Business, Slex to arrive. The Business did arrive, but not in ring gear, claiming the terms of his contract were not met and there is now a contract in place for BCW 43 next month. A replacement was on hand, as the Sniper of the Skies for the third time in one night entered the ring and took the opportunity for gold. Bury and Eagles went up and down, back and forth until an unexpected Slex got knocked off his feet during the proceedings. Back in the ring, Eagles and Bury went at it some more, before Bury tied Eagles up in what appeared to be a winning Crossface. Not without surprise, Slex grabbed the Championship Title and clocked the back of Nick Bury’s head causing a disqualification.
Winner: … and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Nick Bury by disqualification

Aftermath: Slex stood over Nick Bury once again with the BCW Heavyweight Championship, taunting him like he did on his arrival in the Battle Kingdom back at BCW 41.