BCW40 – Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 40 is now history and produced the following results:

Promo: BCW 40 opened with a video of BCW Champion Nick Bury and BCW Battle Express Champion Mitch Waterman who declared they will be back from hiatus in 2021.

Match 1 – Ritchie Taylor Vs Cletus
In a fast and furious contest the Smashmouth Ritchie Taylor impressed in his singles debut, however the experience of Cletus was too much after a “Hey Mum, Get Off The Damn Roof” Shooting Star by the Bogan sealed the victory.
Winner: Cletus via pinfall

Match 2 – Sketch Vs Zhan Wen
In a match which saw the Killshot versus the Emperor of Pain, it was the wily Battle Kingdom Veteran Sketch who found his way into the winners column after feeling the power of Wen. A low blow and a referee distraction led to some tight holding for the Sketch victory.
Winner: Sketch via pinfall

Match 3 – Mick Moretti Vs Adam Brooks
In a match that had a 30 Minute Time Limit and saw the return of the Loose Ledge against the Rapscallion, it comes as no surprise that these two combatants left nothing to chance. A destroyer on the ring apron led to the pair crashing to the outside and upon answering the count time expired declaring this match a time limit draw.
Winner: Wrestled to 30-Minute Time Limit Draw

Match 4 – Tome Filip Vs Gore
One time BCW Tag Team Champion, Tome Filip returned to the Battle Kingdom after two years egging on the fans and his mystery opponent. Unfortunately for the Tiger the mystery opponent was Gore. In what was supposed to be a triumphant return, Tome tried every trick in the book, however the athletic monster in Gore had all the answers destroying Tome with a discus clothesline for the three count.
Winner: Gore via pinfall

Promo: Previous BCW Titleholders Ken Shamrock (BCW Tag Team Champion), Juventud Guerrera (BCW Battle Express Champion), Drago (BCW Tag Team Champion) and Rob Van Dam (BCW Heavyweight Champion) appeared on screen to reflect on their time as Champions in Australia.

Match 5 – Hardcore Match: Gabriel Wolfe w/Enyo Crows Vs Maddog
In a feud that has led to two champions holding no belts, the Surgeon once again went toe to toe with Maddog in a match defined by Maddog Mathematics. Weapons galore with a bloody story being told of two men that simply hate each other. After a missFIRE a burning and bloody Crazy Canine succumbed to the Lockjaw.
Winner: Gabriel Wolfe via submission


We thank all those who made BCW 40 a memorable night for Battle Championship Wrestling! Please tell us what you enjoyed most or not, we will see you all at BCW 41 on Friday 26 February 2021!