BCW35 – Results

Last night BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 35 produced the following results which are now in the history books:

Special Guest Host: Lucha Underground’s FAMOUS B replaced Bass as host and announcer for the night.

Match 1: Ultraviolent Rules BCW Women’s Championship:
Mortar (c) Vs Vixsin
The night opener was gory to the naked eye as the Hardcore Bitch came inches from finally wrestling away the BCW Women’s Championship from Mortar. However the undefeated Polynesian Demon was too much once again as she chokeslammed a bloody Vixsin into a thumbtack pit for the victory.
Winner AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion: Mortar via pinfall

Match 2: Tag Team
Carlo Cannon/Sketch Vs Nick Bury/Mitch Waterman
Looking to get back on track Carlo and Sketch appeared to have the victory in their grasp against the seasoned duo of Nick and Mitch. Confusion with Sketch once again led to his team’s demise and victory for Slick Nick and the H20 Man.

After the match Carlo was furious with Sketch for placing their team another rung down the ladder. Sketch pleaded for one more chance. Carlo eventually obliged with a handshake before Sketch shocked the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre by low blowing Carlo and wiping him out with chair shots.
Winners: Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman via pinfall

Match 3: BCW Battle Express Championship:
Cody Swift (c) Vs Cletus
In this ten-minute time limit crash and burn affair, Cody and Cletus shaped up going back and forth with one upmanship being their them. In the end Cletus missed his Shooting Star Press and Cody delivered a Shooting Star Press of his own for the win.
Winner AND STILL BCW Battle Express Champion: Cody Swift via pinfall

Match 4: BCW Tag Team Championship:
The Preston Kindred (c) Vs The Parea
The Kindred continued preaching to the Battle Kingdom about the need for no violence. The Parea interrupted to the delight of fans and a contest between the manic duo of the Kindred and the dancing upbeat out of staters ensued. The Kindred temporarily disabling The Parea found victory with their ‘Closer to God’ finish.
Winners AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions: The Preston Kindred via pinfall

Match 5: Singles
Syd Parker w/Erika Reid Vs The Rapscallion Mick Moretti
In a match 18 months in the making the barefoot Jurassic Punk with the Dreamtime Voodoo Witch by his side gave the Rapscallion all he could handle. However a mistimed mist attempt by Erika which led to Mick stealing the mist and spraying the blue substance into the face of Syd Parker led to another victory for the Rapscallion.

After the match Ultimo Dragon appeared on screen and announced his imminent arrival in the Battle Kingdom to take on both Syd Parker and Mick Moretti on back to back nights.
Winner: The Rapscallion Mick Moretti vis pinfall

Address: Gabriel Wolfe entered the arena to address his position as BCW Heavyweight Championship No. 1 Contender as he poked fun at Famous B. This led to Famous B giving Wolfe what he asked for – a fight – before it was made official.

Match 6: Singles
Gabriel Wolfe Vs Famous B
Fighting in a shirt, slacks and tie, Famous B bounced around the ring and flew into a flying tope before Wolfe eventually found the opening to low blow Famous and apply the Lockjaw for the win.
Winner: Gabriel Wolfe via submission

Match 7: No Ropes Barbed Wire BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Maddog (c) Vs Sabu w/Super Genie
In the third installment of the trilogy spanning 24 months, Maddog defended the Gold in the most obscure match in BCW history. The ring ropes replaced by barbed wire saw Sabu lose a massive chunk of hair with both combatants putting everything on the line. In a match that included thumbtacks and cut up barbs, Maddog managed to nail the Death Valley Driver on Sabu through the table of barbs for the win.
Winner AND STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion: Maddog via pinfall


Thank you to all who attended and please feel free to provide your feedback and input as you desire!

Our next events will be:

BCW 36 – Melbourne – Friday 24 January 2020
Ultimo Dragon Vs Syd Parker

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Ultimo Dragon Vs Mick Moretti