BCW26 – Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING returned to the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre for BCW 26 last night (Friday 1 March 2019) producing the following results:

Match 1: The Preston Kindred/Vance Adams Vs Cletus/Nick Bury/Mitch Waterman
In recent months The Preston Kindred has taken issue with Nick and Mitch while Cletus and Vance has been feuding over supremacy. In a match that saw Cletus jumped from the gate, it was always going to be a difficult task to topple The Preston Kindred and Vance Adams. In the end after a double team onslaught The Preston Kindred and Vance Adams prevailed.

Winners: The Preston Kindred/Vance Adams via pinfall

Match 2: BCW Women’s Championship:
Melina (c) Vs Vixsin

In an anticipated match up between the Hellcat and the Hardcore Bitch it was a quick victory for the Champion after Melina hit Vixsin with a ‘Split Ending’ for the three count.

Winner AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion: Melina via pinfall

Aftermath: Alan Payne returned claiming that Melina the ‘superstar’ needed a real opponent, before Kellyanne attaked Melina prompting her to put the BCW Women’s Championship on the line.

Match 3: BCW Women’s Championship:
Melina (c) Vs Kellyanne w/Alan Payne

This impromptu match saw Melina having to deal with both her foe in Kellyanne and Alan Payne. The “KILL! KILL! KILL! mantra returned as Alan encouraged a fixated Kellyanne to finish the contest. Kellyanne did just that, ending the match after nailing Melina with a roaring elbow for the pin and Championship.

Winner AND NEW BCW Women’s Champion: Kellyanne via pinfall

Match 4: Robbie E Vs Big Cuz
In what was billed as a grudge match, Robbie E gained the support of the Battle Kingdom as he danced around Big Cuz utilising his speed and agility. It was not until Big Cuz managed to exhibit his power on the Jersey Shore native that the tide turned. After an ‘Air Raid’ Robbie E’s return to the Battle Kingdom was officially over.

Winner: Big Cuz via pinfall

Match 5: BCW Tag Team Championship:
Ken Shamrock/Carlo Cannon (c) Vs Gabriel Wolfe/Jake Andrewartha

The World’s Most Dangerous Tag Team returned to BCW to defend their Championships against the angry disgruntled Gabriel Wolfe and Olympic Assassin Jake. In a hard hitting contest the Master of the Ankle Lock was able to secure the victory for his team as he and Carlo remain BCW Tag Team Champions.

Winners AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions: Ken Shamrock & Carlo Cannon via pinfall

Match 6: BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Maddog (c) Vs DCT

The Scottish import DCT entered the BCW Arena with the Heavyweight Championship strapped around his waist teasing the Crazy Canine before the match started. Maddog was quick to react as he took it to DCT and after a back and forth dual between two brutes and an attempt by DCT to clobber Maddog with the Championship, it was Maddog with a piledriver on the belt for the victory.

Winner AND STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion: Maddog via pinfall

ANNOUNCEMENT: PJ Black and Johnny Mundo appear on screen as they bicker about who the leader of the World Wide Underground is, before announcing Lucha Downunderground II in April (Melbourne, Adelaide and Sydney) and a Johnny Mundo headlined show in June (Melbourne and Sydney).

Match 7: 60-Minute Iron Man:
Dowie James Vs Mick Moretti

In an event that turned into a spectacle, Dowie and The Rapscallion battled in and out of the ring with pinfall attempt after pinfall attempt. As the match came to a close, the tally was 0-0. Ring Announcer Bass declared that the match was a draw before it was restarted under sudden death rules as Dowie and Moretti urged for the match to continue. In overtime Moretti found a way to escape with the pinfall after a Pump Handle Driver.

Winner: Mick Moretti via pinfall (Sudden Death)


Please feel free to provide your feedback on what you enjoyed about the show – good, bad or otherwise!

Thank you to all those who attended!