BCW51 – Results

On Friday 28 April 2023 BCW 51 etched itself in the history books producing the following results!

1 – For Maddog’s BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contendership:
Gabriel Wolfe Vs Maddog

Familiar foes faced each other once more as Wolfe tried to impose his nefarious ways from every angle to apply the Lockjaw finish on the Crazy Canine. Wolfe was out of luck, as Maddog through true grit and determination countered everything the Surgeon tried to implement before nailing Wolfe with a Piledriver for the victory.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Heavyweight Championship No.1 Contender MADDOG via pinfall

2 – 2 On 1 Handicap:
The Parea Vs Sam Yannis

Yannis jumped started this match up from the crowd before The Parea took control and systematically dismantled the Sexy Greek Boy. Not wanting to end the slaughter, Aeros and Theseus made sure Sam Yannis received enough punishment before being pinned.

Winners: THE PAREA via pinfall

3 – BCW Battle Express Championship:
Gore w/Krackerjak Vs Johnathan Preston (c)

Johnathan Preston started this match up taking notice of the clock as he watched the time go by, before getting into a power struggle with the Snuff King. Gore would have this match under control with the support of Krackerjak, leading to Preston reaching into his bag of trips. However,trapped centre ring in a heel hook which Gore transitioned into a kneebar looked like Preston’s time on top had expired. A masked man then entered the ring and punched Johnathan in the face causing the disqualification.

After the match was over, the masked man revealed himself to be the returning Sean Preston. The Preston Kindred then celebrated as their plan to retain the title had worked.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Battle Express Champion JOHNATHAN PRESTON via disqualification

4 – BCW Tag Team Championship Steel Cage Match:
The Parea Vs The Natural Classics (c)

For the fourth time in as many shows, The Parea challenged The Natural Classics for the BCW Tag Team Championships, but this time locked in a steel cage. A brutal affair ensued as The Parea did everything to take apart their foes as the Natural Classics did the same. In what appeared like it was going to be another Title retention by the Classics as they climbed the cage, turned into a nightmare as Tome Filip was caught and taken out as Stevie Filip was on the wrong side of the cage. Three seconds later, and The Parea are now your new BCW Tag Team Champions!

Winners: … and NEW BCW Tag Team Champions THE PAREA via pinfall

5 – BCW Battle Express Championship No.1 Contendership Four Way Dance:
Zhan Wen Vs Emman Azman Vs Carlo Cannon Vs Cletus

In this one-fall to a finish ten-minute time limit sprint to crown the next in line, Zhan Wen, Emman, Cannon and Cletus all took turns in displaying their dominance. Cletus in the most unlikely of circumstances eventually stole the pin, claiming victory over Carlo Cannon and declared the next in line for the BCW Battle Express Championship.

After the match Carlo Cannon attacked Cletus, before inciting Emman and Zhan Wen to do the same. A downed Cletus was then nailed by Zhan Wen, before eating a vicious elbow from Emman followed by a splash from the high energy Carlo Cannon.

Winner: …and NEW BCW Battle Express Championship No.1 Contender CLETUS via pinfall.

6 – BCW Women’s Championship:
Vixsin Vs Caity Luxe (c)

This rematch from the falls count anywhere match at BCW 50 where Caity become Champion after clocking Vixsin with brass knuckles to the face, ended the exact same way with Caity defending her strap after clocking Vixsin with brass knuckles to the face and pinning the Hardcore bitch with her feet on the ropes, but this time it was supposed to be illegal.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Women’s Champion CAITY LUXE via pinfall

7 – BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Mick Moretti (c) Vs El Hijo Del Vikingo

In the much-anticipated main event, the Battle Kingdom was not disappointed as Vikingo and the Rapscallion turned up the volume and increased the speed flying all over the ring, inside and out. Vikingo doing his best to become a double champion found himself perched on the top rope with a table in the ring below. Fighting back and forth, Moretti gained advantage and nailed Vikingo with a top rope destroyer through a table for the victory and to retain the BCW Heavyweight Champion.

Winner: … and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion MICK MORETTI via pinfall