BCW34 – Results

Last night BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 34 took place producing the following results:-

Match 1: BCW Battle Express Championship:
Michael Morleone Vs Cody Swift (c)
In his singles debut Morleone received a golden opportunity to wrestle away Cody’s Championship within the ten minute time limit. However, ever the underdog, Cody managed to twist and turn his way out of trouble throughout the match before eventually reversing a sunset flip into a pin to defeat his larger foe.

Winner: AND STILL BCW Battle Express Champion Cody Swift via pinfall

Match 2 – Singles:
Aysha Vs Vixsin
Aysha debuted in the Battle Kingdom with a solid effort against Vixsin. Though it was not enough as the Hardcore Bitch made the brash Aysha pay with a repertoire of power maneuvers leading into her patented Choke Bomb for the victory.

Winner: Vixsin via pinfall

Match 3 – Tag Division:
Gabriel Wolfe/Big Cuz Vs Cletus/Zhan Wen
Two matches within a tag match saw the power of Zhan Wen once again go head to head with Big Cuz while the speed of Cletus met the nefarious Wolfe yet again. After Wen and Cuz spilled to the outside, Wolfe utilised the opportunity to low blow Cletus before applying the Lockjaw for the submission victory.

Winners: Gabriel Wolfe/Big Cuz via submission

Match 4 – Singles:
DCT Vs Kaz Jordan
In the final match for DCT in Australia it appeared to him that this would be a walkover. Kaz had other ideas and in this unexpected rematch he nailed DCT with a running knee for the win. Kaz Jordan’s first ever victory within the Battle Kingdom was recorded as a result.

Winner: Kaz Jordan via pinfall

Match 5 – Singles:
Mick Moretti Vs Damian Slater
In what many were calling a super fight, Moretti and Slater went all out, move for move before this one got peculiar to say the least. Slater who usually taps into his Transylvania origins at this time of the year, found himself on the other side of weird when being rocked to sleep and almost pinned in the most bizarre of circumstances. Once out of the trance Moretti still managed to pull out the victory after a Dragon Suplex to Slater and remains unpinned this year.

Winner: Mick Moretti via pinfall

Match 6: BCW Tag Team Championship:
Carlo Cannon/Sketch Vs The Preston Kindred (c)
In their second Championship defence The Kindred took on former Tag Team Champion, Carlo and his original tag team partner Sketch. The Kindred’s reign appeared to be short lived when Carlo had the victory within his team’s grasp, however the incidental distraction of Sketch allowed the Champions to take advantage and nail the “Last Word of God” for the win. After the match tensions flared up between Carlo and Sketch.

Winners: AND STILL BCW Tag Team Champions The Preston Kindred via pinfall

Match 7: BCW Women’s Championship:
Mortar (c) Vs Danielle Moinet Vs Tenille Dashwood
In a Triple Threat Match between three very different competitors, Mortar continued her trail of destruction. Moinet was in and out taking advantage of any opportunity while Dashwood did everything in her power to unseat the Polynesian Demon as Champion. In the end it was Moinet’s fear that caused Dashwood to walk into a choke slam and allow Mortar to retain her title. After the match Moinet finally received her comeuppance at the hands of an upset Dashwood.

Winner: AND STILL BCW Women’s Champion Mortar

Match 8: BCW Heavyweight Championship Prehistoric Death Match:
Syd Parker w/Erika Reid Vs Maddog (c)
Twelve months in the making and it finally happened, Dinosaur v Dog. This contest consisted of a guitar shot to the head of Maddog’s friendly bogan, Cletus, a light tube to the head of Erika and utensils flying everywhere from bombaknockers, bones, axes, chairs, tables, barbed wire to fire. In the end Maddog planted Syd in a pool of pain and blood for the three count victory.

Winner: AND STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Maddog

AFTERMATH: Gabriel Wolfe pronounced himself as Maddog’s next challenge before Sabu appeared on screen to intervene challenging Maddog to a Barbed Wire Match for the Strap to settle their 1-1 tie which commenced with their first match back to BCW 10.

After Maddog’s exit, Syd Parker remained lifeless in the ring. Enter Mick Moretti who had some choice words for his prehistoric counterpart insinuating that Syd robbed him of his shot at the top prize more than a year ago at BCW’s first ever show in Adelaide and will now pay at his hands.

Thank you to all those who attended and we look forward to receiving your feedback – What did you like and dislike about BCW 34?

Tickets to BCW 35 on Friday 29 November 2019 will be released this week.