CANNON, WEN & EMMAN for No1 Contendership

Our next announcement is a BCW BATTLE EXPRESS CHAMPIONSHIP NO.1 CONTENDERSHIP match between the returning CARLO CANNON, the ZHAN WEN and EMMAN THE KID!

At BCW 45 the FILIPINO MOCHACHINO returned, surprising the Battle Kingdom as he defeated the ever positive but some time delusion Levi Nixon. While earlier in the night the EMPEROR OF PAIN and the MALAYSIAN SENSATION came close from wrestling the BCW Tag Team Championships away from Maddog and Cletus.

This match will be under BATTLE EXPRESS 10-Minute Time Limit rules coming together to reward the refreshed CARLO CANNON, the rolling ZHAN WEN whose last attempt at BCW BATTLE EXPRESS gold led to a time limit draw and the heart filled EMMAN THE KID.

On Friday 24 June 2022 who will become the new BCW BATTLE EXPRESS NO.1 CONTENDER – the Big Guy? the Small Guy? or the Medium Guy?

Book your tickets now to find out live at the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre at 298-336 Burwood Hwy, East Burwood:…/battle-championship…/139852