BCW13 Results

BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 13 is now in the history books producing the following results:

Match 1: Nick Bury def Elliot Sexton
In a David Vs Goliath affair, Bury impressed in singles action and surprised the Battle Kingdom defeating the much larger Sexton via pinfall.

Match 2: Carlo Cannon/Sketch def Big Cuz/Freddie Gold w/F.O.X.
In what was supposed to be the rebirth of the Golden Age, saw Freddie demote the deranged F.O.X. to the sidelines. After a dominate showing by Cuz, Carlo and Sketch kicked into gear. An “in over his head” Freddie was hit with a devastating double team by the Odd Couple whom scored the pinfall.

In the aftermath a frustrated Golden Age looked divided, and they were, as Cuz and F.O.X. ousted Freddie and left him in a pool of his own blood.

Match 3: Gabriel Wolfe def Kaz Jordan
In an affair where Wolfe was simply too much, Kaz succumbed to the Lock Jaw.

In the aftermath Impressive Indie Hartwell appeared and announced herself and her partner Tome Filip who was seated in the front row. Filip stalked the ring and nailed Kaz with a Death Drop before he and Indie embraced Wolfe announcing their new alliance.

Match 4: Kellyanne w/Alan def Savannah Summers
The streak continued as Kellyanne was too much for the interstate Adelaidian Savannah. Not without some entertainment Alan and Kellyanne had a what can only be described as a domestic breakdown during and after the match leading to Alan’s exit.

In the aftermath Kellyanne pronounced herself as the best, before the lights dimmed and Shazza McKenzie appeared on the big screen to make an adverse statement to Kellyanne’s claim but not to be outdone Melina’s video package played and it has become official – Kellyanne Vs Shazza McKenzie Vs Melina on Good Friday 30 March.

Match 5: BCW Tag Team Championship:
Dowie James/JXT (c) def Maddog/Cletus

In a fast paced affair the Tag Champs were too much for the Barking Bogans who were finished after a double team. At match’s end Maddog invited the Champs to enter his world and face off in a Hardcore Rules match, which was accepted for the next show.

Match 6: Orlando Jordan’s Open Challenge:
Orlando continued his rhetoric before Mitch Waterman appeared for the challenge. However it would be Nick Bury appearing from the crowd to come out and roll up Orlando for the pin.
Winner: Nick Bury via pinfall

Match 7: BCW Heavyweight Championship:
Syd Parker w/Erika Reid def Juventud Guerrera

In the much anticipated first title defence The Jurassic Punk and The Juice went all out with high flying action and a touch of the extraordinary as Juvi kissed Erika, Syd spat in the mouth of Juvi before regurgitating mist. A Curb Stomp then ended the match in favour of the cold blooded one.

In this aftermath a warning video played. The lights dimmed and a masked intruder nailed Erika Reid with a Slade Blade before the reveal at the top of the ramp – Slade Mercer – “I want my belt back!”