BCW44 Results

Riddled by COVID-19 absences last night BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 44 took place and produced the following results:

1 – BCW Battle Express Championship Match:
Mitch Waterman (c) Vs Zhan Wen
Waterman entered this match against perhaps his biggest test to date in the oversized Zhan Wen. Kickstarting the contest with his speed and agility, the H20 Man found a way to stay one step ahead of his larger opponent for most of the contest. However the Emperor of Pain had his moments demonstrating his unparalleled power against his smaller foe. In the end it was the Champion who almost finished the contest bringing down the Challenger from the top rope but running out of time for the pin.
Draw: 10-Minute Time Limit Expiration … STILL BCW Battle Express Champion Mitch Waterman

2 – Sketch’s Slaughterhouse Challenge:
Sketch (c) Vs Kid Valiant

In what was an unknown expectation for the evening, Kid Valiant ended up offering himself as a lamb to slaughter against the Killshot Sketch. Toying with his debuting foe, Sketch finished him with two shining wizards before draping his lamb in a tarp and hitting him with a third shining wizard after the pinfall.
Winner: Sketch via pinfall

3 – Loser Will Not be Permitted to Tag for 12 Months:
The Preston Kindred Vs Mitch Waterman & Zhan Wen
The Preston Kindred opened on the mic demanding that the BCW Tag Team Championships be placed around their waists due to the medical conditions of the Champions Maddog and Cletus which prevented them from being on the card. However the BCW Battle Express Champion, Mitch Waterman took umbrage to the suggestion Championships could be handed to a team without being earned before introducing his new found friend in Zhan Wen to challenge the Kindred. The contest was made official and ensued between these two teams with the reluctant Preston Kindred being shocked with a loss after a Waterman superkick and spinning backfist combination on Sean Preston. The Preston Kindred will now not be permitted to tag for the next 12 months.
Winners: Mitch Waterman & Zhan Wen via pinfall

4 – Cadman Vs Emman The Kid
In the first of three Mystery Opponent matches, Cadman’s Mystery Opponent was revealed as Emman The Kid. Size proving the difference, Cadman finished the smaller Emman with a Choke Bomb for the three count.
Winner: Cadman via pinfall

5 – Stevie Filip Vs Emman The Kid
Immediately thereafter Stevie Filip hit the ring for the second of three Mystery Opponent matches. After much suspense Emman The Kid was announced as the Mystery Opponent. In much pain Emman re-entered the ring and almost pulled off an upset before a blindsided Referee Dave Morgan counted to three as Stevie rolled up Emman with a hand full of tights.
Winner: Stevie Filip via pinfall

6 – Tome Filip Vs Emman The Kid
A moment after Stevie’s victory, Tome Filip hit the ring to get ready for the final Mystery Opponent match. One again after much suspense Emman The Kid was announced as the Mystery Opponent. Emman in even more pain than before re-entered the ring and with courage had his moments. However the odds were too much as Tome nailed Emman with a Death Drop for the finish and pinfall.
Winner: Tome Filip via pinfall

7 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Match:
Slex (c) Vs Gabriel Wolfe w/Enyo Crows Vs Adam Brooks

In a much anticipated Main Event and the first BCW Heavyweight Championship defence, The Business Slex faced off against the No.1 Contender Gabriel Wolfe and the man who believed he should be the No.1 Contender Adam Brooks. In a contest that saw Slex and Wolfe have a short lived alliance, it was an “injury” to Slex’s knee that appeared to derail this Triple Threat Match. Left to duke it out Wolfe and Brooks went back and forth, with Brooks hitting Wolfe with his patented Swanton Bomb. Before a count was able to be made, Slex charged into the ring from backstage to push off Brooks and steal the victory and pin Wolfe.
Winner: … and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion Slex via pinfall

AFTERMATH: The Rapscallion Mick Moretti appeared on the screen in a pre-recorded message for the BCW Heavyweight Champion stating his intention to return after more than 12 months away from the Battle Kingdom to retrieve what is only being kept warm for him – the BCW Heavyweight Championship.

We thank all fans for attending the show and look forward to receiving your feedback! Our next show, BCW45 emanates from the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre on Friday 29 April 2022!