BCW30 Results

Last night on Friday 28th June 2019 BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 30 took place at the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre producing the following results:-

Match 1: Round 1 Battle Express Championship Tournament
Cody Swift Vs Lucius Wulfe

In a version of David Vs Goliath Cody moved quickly to overcome his larger foe surprising him with a roll through pin for the victory.

Winner: Cody Swift via pinfall

Match 2: Round 1 Battle Express Championship Tournament 
Sean Preston Vs Darcy Ross
Preston and Darcy went back and forth for a moment before Sean nailed Darcy with a neck lariat for the finish.

Winner: Sean Preston via pinfall

Match 3: Round 1 Battle Express Championship Tournament 
DCT Vs Kaz Jordan
The Scottish Wonder, DCT finally backed up his words since being in the Battle Kingdom finishing an energetic Kaz with a running knee.

Winner: DCT via pinfall

Match 4: Round 1 Battle Express Championship Tournament 
Nick Bury Vs Mitch Waterman
Good friends made better enemies as Slick Nick and the H2O Man went the distance – 10 minutes with near fall after near fall before time expired. Neither competitor will advance to the Quarter Finals and DCT will now receive a Bye.

Winner: Time Limit Draw

Match 5: Round 1 Battle Express Championship Tournament 
Vinnie Vain Vs Sketch
The Sydney Invader Vinnie Vain took on the Colt of Colac with the expectation of victory. In what was a high flying and bloody affair, it was Vain who ended up slicing the bread for the one, two, three.

Winner: Vinnie Vain via pinfall

Match 6: Round 1 Battle Express Championship Tournament 
Johnathan Preston Vs Sullivan Husk
Husk came and taunted, but met his immediate demise by way of a decpitating boot from Preston.

Winner: Johnathan Preston via pinfall

Match 7: Round 1 Battle Express Championship Tournament 
Bee Boy Vs Vance Adams
The Melbourne debut of Bee Boy angered the maniacal Vance Adams whom fell short in another opportunity after a roll up.

Winner: Bee Boy via pinfall

Match 8: Round 1 Battle Express Championship Tournament 
Gabriel Wolfe Vs Jesse Hendy
Hendy kickstarted this match up with a suicide dive before Wolfe gained control and submitted the BCW Adelaide regular with a Lockjaw variation.

Winner: Gabriel Wolfe via submission

Match 9: BCW Tag Team Championship 
Ken Shamrock/Carlo Cannon (c) Vs Generation Zero
Carlo returning from injury teamed up with the Worlds Most Dangerous Man in a contest with Carlo’s familiar Perth foes. After an entertaining match it was the combination special of KenCan Rock You which allowed the Champions’ to retain.

Winners and STILL BCW Tag Team Champions:
Ken Shamrock/Carlo Cannon via pinfall

ANNOUNCEMENT: After the match Dan “The Beast” Severn appeared on screen and challenged Ken Shamrock to which Ken accepted.

Match 10: Champion Vs Champion Match 
BCW Women’s Champion – Mortar Vs Impact Knockouts Champion – Taya Valkyrie
It was a match between two Champions that looked like it would turn in to an all time great affair before being cut short by an interfering Vixsin who caused the No Contest.

Winner: No Contest
STILL BCW Women’s Champion: Mortar
STILL Imapct Knockouts Champion: Taya Valkyrie

Match 11:
John Morrison Vs Mick Moretti Vs Cletus
John Morrison aka Johnny Impact aka Johnny Mundo aka Johnny Battle turned up the Battle Kingdom along with the Rapscallion and the Bogan. In a blink or you will miss it attraction it was Morrison nailing Cletus for the victory.

Winner: John Morrison via pinfall

AFTERMATH: Mick Moretti inserted himself into the Main Event after refusing to leave the ring stating he is Australia’s ‘Iron Man’ and since he was not pinned he should be rewarded.

Match 12: BCW Heavyweight Championship Hardcore Triple Threat
Maddog (c) Vs Big Cuz Vs Mick Moretti
In a wild matchup of different shapes and sizes Maddog went through hell to retain his Championship with a certain pin misfire after a Death Valley Driver on Big Cuz through a table before a crucifix pin against his larger foe.

Winner and STILL BCW Heavyweight Champion:
Maddog via pinfall

ANNOUNCEMENT: Affer the match Masahi Takeda appeared on screen to challenge Maddog to an Ultra Violent Rules Match for the BCW Heavyweight Championship.


Thank you to all those who attended BCW 30 and please feel free to provide your feedback. We hope to see all Sydney fans tonight at BCW 31!

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