BCW26 – Match Announcement 1

Our first match announcement for BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 26 is our main event between SUPER DOWIE JAMES and THE RAPSCALLION MICK MORETTI in a 60-MINUTE IRON MAN MATCH for the first time ever in the Battle Kingdom!

MORETTI burst onto the scene defeating Angelico when BCW was on holidays in Adelaide before returning against DOWIE JAMES at BCW 24 and winning their first match up in what became a Match of the Year candidate – victory by ‘Mick’s Dick Kick!’

DOWIE JAMES has been an integral part of the Battle Kingdom as a two-time BCW Tag Team Champion and BCW Heavyweight Title Challenger. Falling short in his first match against THE RAPSCALLION due to his the nefarious ways led THE SUPER ONE to side step his kryptonite and avoid ‘Mick’s Dick Kick’ to wrestle away a victory at BCW 26.

These two combatants now face each other in a war of attrition over 60 minutes where the falls will be tallied up at the match’s conclusion to declare a winner. There is going to be no love lost between these two competitors whom live and breathe professional wrestling like most breathe oxygen!

On Friday 1 March 2019 will THE RAPSCALLION amass too many falls for DOWIE to handle or will DOWIE topple THE RAPSCALLION with more falls of his own?

Book your tickets now to find out live at the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre at 298-336 Burwood Hwy, East Burwood: