BCW22 Results

BCW 22: EXTREME BATTLE NIGHT THREE on Friday 7 September 2018 is now in the history books producing the following results:

Match 1 – 15-Person Battle Rumble – Nick Bury Wins Last Eliminating Syd Parker
In the second annual Battle Rumble, which saw a surprise appearance by Niki Nitro it was the number one and number two combatants that outlasted the field. In what looked like a Syd victory quickly turned into a Bury victory as headscissored Syd out of the Rumble. Nick Bury has now earnt himself a BCW Heavyweight Championship shot.

Match 2 – Katie Forbes def Vixsin via pinfall
In a close contest which saw a distraction by Erika Reid, Katie was able to score the victory. After the match Erika stared down the Hardcore Bitch Vixsin and attempted to spray her with mist before leaving. Erika’s reason for the attack appeared to pertain to being left off her home town card in Sydney.

Match 3 – The Preston Kindred def Vinnie Vain/Psykotic via pinfall
In yet another exhibition of dominance Johnathan and Sean decimated the Sydney duo of Vain and Psykotic gaining the victory after a clothesline flatliner to Psykotic.

Match 4 – Maddog def Sabu w/Super Genie via pinfall
In what was the most hardcore match of the evening, Maddog and Sabu exchanged metal and wood gratuities with each other brawling through the crowd and stabbing one another with a nail while using chairs like ping pong balls. A bloodied Maddog found a way to victory keeping his record on the tour in tact.

Match 5 – Masato Tanaka def Shane Douglas
In a technical match up between former ECW World Champions it was Tanaka whom was victorious over The Franchise whom has yet to score a victory on tour. After the match Dominic Denucci grabbed the microphone to again tell Douglas that he needed to train harded in the gym.

Match 6 – BCW Women’s and Tag Team Championship Match – The Kingdom [Gabriel Wolfe & Tome Filip] (c) and Indi Hartwell def The Lads [Dowie James & JXT] and Melina (c)via pinfall
In an intriguing contest where a pinfall by the male competitors pertained to the BCW Tag Team Championships and a pinfall by the female competitoes pertained to the Women’s Championship, all the gold was on the line. Wolfe and Tome once again found a way to pin The Lads, thus retaining their BCW Tag Team Championships. Notwithstanding Melina retained her BCW Women’s Championship. At the end of the match Wolfe stated that the Kingdom could do whatever they wanted, which lead to Tome Filip knocking out the referee leading to his suspension from Battle Championship Wrestling.

Match 7 – BCW Heavyweight Championship Match – Rob Van Dam (c) def Tajiri
For the first time on Australian soil RVD took on the Japanese Buzzsaw in a back and forth battle for supremacy. In the end Tajiri fell to the Five Star Frogsplash and Rob Van Dam retained his BCW Heavyweight Championship.