BCW2 Results

On Friday 20 January 2017 BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 2 took place at the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre!

The night’s festivities saw eight action packed matches including four first round BCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament matches, produce the following results:

Match 1: Syd Parker w/Erika Reid def Zac Douglas via pinfall
The Jurassic Punk controlled the majority of the action with a fighting effort from Zac Douglas doing what he could before the match cumulated into a pinfall victory for Syd. The aftermath saw a further attack on Douglas, and to add insult to injury a venomous Erika sprayed blue mist into the defeated combatant’s eyes.

Match 2: Round 1 BCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament:
Krackerjak def Sketch via pinfall

The Mad Bastard proved to be too crafty for the youthful Sketch, pinning the Colt of Colac after hitting his patented spinal tap. Krackerjak moves onto the Quarter Finals of the Tournament scheduled for Friday 24 March 2017 at Battle Championship Wrestling 4.

Match 3: Round 1 BCW Heayweight Championship Tournament:
Slade Mercer def Josh Shooter via pinfall

In a back and forth affair with exhibitions of Shooter’s strength at play for fans to see, the everlasting Slade with his Mercenaries well and truly behind him dug deep into the reserves to slice Shooter with the Slade Blade and call it a night. Slade Mercer moves onto the Quarter Finals of the Tournament scheduled for Friday 24 March 2017 at Battle Championship Wrestling 4.

Match 4: Round 1 BCW Heayweight Championship Tournament:
Gabriel Wolfe def Carlo Cannon via submission

In a technical affair the vicious Wolfe and the Filipino Wrecking Ball Carlo Cannon got stuck into one another. It would be the new look Wolfe who would eventually raise his hand in victory after applying a modified crossface causing Cannon to submit. Gabriel Wolfe moves onto the Quarter Finals of the Tournament scheduled for Friday 24 March 2017 at Battle Championship Wrestling 4.

Match 5: Round 1 BCW Heavyweight Championship Tournament:
Mike Burr def Mr. Ken Anderson via pinfall

In a much anticipated Tournament match the BCW fans were shocked to see an in form Anderson fail to advance. Burr using all he had transitioned into a roll up pinfall with the assistance of the ropes. Mike Burr moves onto the Quarter Finals of the Tournament scheduled for Friday 24 March 2017 at Battle Championship Wrestling 4.

Match 6: Tag Team Turmoil Match
Gauntlet 1:
Andy Phoenix & Mr. Juicy def Maddog & Cletus
Phoenix and Juicy on the same page found a way to 
remain in the match by pinning the super team of 
Maddog and Cletus.

Gauntlet 2:
Andy Phoenix & Mr. Juicy Vs Dowie James & JXT
This gauntlet never got started as Dowie and JXT failed to 
enter the ring after their music hit. It was subsequently 
revealed that Dowie had been attacked backstage by 
Freddie Gold’s henchmen., Big Cuz, Cadman and F.O.X.

Andy Phoenix & Mr. Juicy def Man Utd
In a face paced match, Phoenix and Juicy again prevailed 
over their contemporaries in dominating fashion after 
each hitting their respective finishers to continue forward 
in the match.

Gauntlet 3:
Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman def Andy Phoenix & Mr.Juicy
In the comfort zone, Phoenix and Juicy were surprised by 
the highflying Bury and Waterman and after dual sunset 
flips the smaller team gained the surprise victory to remain 
in the match.

Gauntlet 4:
Big Cuz & Cadman def Nick Bury & Mitch Waterman

Cuz and Cadman with F.O.X. and Freddie in tow were too 
powerful for the much smaller team pinning their 
opponents after a vailiant effort to remain in the match.

Gauntlet 5:
Dowie James & JXT def Big Cuz & Cadman via pinfall

Not to be denied Dowie and JXT made it to the ring to take 
part in the match. Dowie on crutches declared that JXT 
would win the bout on his own. True to the promise, with 
an assist from Dowie, JXT would get the quick win and the 
victory. Dowie and JXT now go on to face an international 
tag team on Friday 24 February 2017 at Battle 
Championship Wrestling 2.

Announcement: ROBBIE E appears on screen to announce that he, the Original Casanova would be joining forces with his mentor to face the winners of the Tag Team Turmoil Match. BUFF BAGWELL then appears to reveal that he is the mentor and together with Robbie E they will be victorious at BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 3 on Friday 24 February 2017.

Match 7: Mortar def Avary via pinfall
In dominant fashion Mortar took no time in destroying the White Dove that is Avary. Preston was at ringside to admire the monstrosity that is Mortar as she continued to pound on her smaller prey. Kellyanne charged to the ring before grabbing a chair attempting to intervene. However a surpising appearance by Payne would see him use chloroform to subdue the firey Kellyanne and simply abduct her as Mortar and Prestion celebrated centrering.

Match 8: Bobby Lashley def Elliot Sexton via pinfall
In the much anticipated Main Event the goliath that is Elliot Sexton would meet his maker, the Destroyer Bobby Lashley. In an exchange of power and dominance it would be the MMA Superstar who would hit Sexton with a Spear for the victory. After the match Lashley celebrated with the crowd before grabbing the Battle Championship Wrestling title belt sitting at ringside and declaring that it will only be a matter of time before he wears the gold!

BONUS: On Thursday 23 February 2017 MR KEN ANDERSON and BOBBY LASHLEY sat down for fans for ‘An Evening with the Destroyer and the Man with a Mic’. Their respective careers were chronicled with photos of the past and present while stories and questions were answered. At the end of the night fans enjoyed a question and answer session to ask whatever they wanted an answer to before having their photos taken with the stars.