FIVE WAY to decide next No 1 Contender for BXC


Combatant No.1 is the one-time BCW Heavyweight Champion and one-time BCW Tag Team Champion, THE SURGEON GABRIEL WOLFE. The Diabolical WOLFE is looking for retribution against anyone and everyone after missing his opportunity in the Battle Rumble and against PJ Black for the second time. A perennial Championship Contender, WOLFE will be in the mix and has declared that he will soon become the first ever Triple Crown Champion in BCW history upon capturing Express Gold!

Combatant No.2 is one third of THE MIDNIGHT 3, EMMAN AZMAN. In recent months EMMAN has made a splash in the Battle Rumble and before that faced off against Lince Dorado in an international spectacle. Built for speed, THE GOLDEN BOY has declared he and his counterparts will all soon be holding Championships together with the Battle Express Championship to be his contribution!

Combatant No.3 is THE SEXY GREEK BOY LEVI NIXON. The Runner-Up in this year’s Battle Rumble, NIXON is now yearning for more opportunities. Never having competed in this division, NIXON, like his foes, is built for the Battle Express Championship. A victory here will allow NIXON to skip the queue with his first win in the Battle Kingdom and give him a fighting opportunity for BCW Gold!

Combatant No.4 is THE SEXY GREEK BOY SAM YANNIS. The Third Runner-Up in this year’s Battle Rumble, YANNIS will have his brother from another mother by his side as he too looks to capitalise on this golden opportunity. Impressive with his speed and agility, YANNIS with his first ever win here, will find himself as the new No.1 Contender for the BCW Battle Express Championship!

Combatant No.5 the returning, perhaps never leaving, the man too smooth to bodyslam – FAMOUS B. After winning the BCW Battle Express Championship last show, B found himself having to face one too many Prestons as he lost the title in the same night. Now with redemption on his mind FAMOUS B is looking to dial his own number – that is – 4-2-3 GET FAME and become the first ever two-time BCW Battle Express Champion!

On Friday 27 October 2023, will it be WOLFE, EMMAN, A SEXY GREEK BOY or FAMOUS B as the next in line contender for the BCW Battle Express Championship?

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