BCW33 Sydney – Match Announcement 4

In our next match announcement for BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 33 we confirm that the winner of a Triple Threat War between BCW Tag Team Champion CARLO CANNON, SKETCH, and BEE BOY will face the BCW Battle Express Champion CODY SWIFT or perhaps NICK BURY or MITCH WATERMAN pending the results of BCW 32!

The BATTLE EXPRESS CHAMPIONSHIP brings about a new concept where fast and furious competitors such as the high flying SKETCH, the ever charismatic CARLO CANNON, the buzzing honey-maker BEE BOY, the large hearted CODY, the slick one NICK BURY and the H20 Man MITCH have all that it takes to conquer the Crash and Burn, Speed Kills Division of Wrestling.

This match will have a 10-Minute Time Limit!

On Saturday 31 August 2019 – who will enter Spring as the BCW BATTLE EXPRESS CHAMPION – Sketch, Carlo, Bee Boy, Cody, Nick or Mitch?

Book your tickets now to find out live at the Max Watt’s Centre at 116-122, Building 220, The Entertainment Quarter, Lang Rd, Moore Park: