BCW25 – Match Announcement 4

Our next match announcement for BATTLE CHAMPIONSHIP WRESTLING 25 pits the team of BIG CUZ and VANCE ADAMS against the team of CLETUS and CODY SWIFT!

In preceding months VANCE ADAMS has managed to prevail over CLETUS with an ‘injury’ at BCW 24 which led to concern from the Battle Kingdom, only to reveal that the nefarious VANCE was in fact playing some convincing possum thus allowing him to roll up an unsuspecting CLETUS.

BIG CUZ whom will be beside VANCE for the second time has been on a tear running through competition, most recently Kaz Jordan while CLETUS’s partner CODY is coming off a concussion and valiant effort against BCW Tag Team Champion Gabriel Wolfe.

On Friday 30 November 2018 these two teams do battle in match of “Good Vs Evil” – who will prevail and what if any, shenanigans will VANCE come up with this time round?

Book your tickets now to find out live at the Whitehorse Function and Convention Centre at 298-336 Burwood Hwy, East Burwood.